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Q&A Ministry Training Program w/h Darlene Hunter, Spiritual Director February 23, 2023 @ 10 AM PST





Darlene Hunter, Spiritual Director

Hosted by Susan Coleman and Lyla Marquez

We invite you to come with your questions and learn more about the Ministry Training Program. We will also circle with Alumni who can speak directly to their experiences and what made their time in the training so very special.

February 23 2023 10:00 AM PST


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We are all birthing through! During this collective shift on our planet!  Our last class of MTP students graduated in August of last as StarSeed Clan. The journey was  transformational. Not only were they experiencing the collective energies, but they also helped birth our new Zoom platform and were the first to experience our updated curriculum. With all the obstacles and challenges these students have faced, they have shown their dedicated commitment to their walking prayer.

They voiced their experience as “cracking open” and “breaking through the old form”. The groundwork has been laid for a new expression to emerge with the incoming class of students.

We are at a time of great change on the planet. Old systems are collapsing everywhere we look and all paths are guiding us to the original ways of living sustainably and in relationship with Mother Earth. The ones being called to this path are working together to dream a new world into being. A world where imagination, intuition and compassion are vital skills in working together to bring this dream into form.

If you hear the call to join us on this mission, welcome to this prayer! We would love to hear from you to continue this conversation! Registration is open from Now! until May 15th with class starting June 1st. We have a Pre-Registration discount price in addition to full tuition.

January  20th – April 20th

Pre-registration two year tuition $6,695 – $3,348/year

April 20th – May 20th

Full two year tuition price of $6,995 – $3,498/year

$500 deposit to reserve your spot!


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