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Allyship Program with Dr. Alexis Bunten, PhD. | Session Dates: June 21, 28 – July 5, 12, 26 – Aug 2, 9, 16 | 9am PST

Center for Sacred Studies is happy to partner with

The Mother Earth Delegate Dr. Alexis Bunten, PhD and  The Fountain

in offering this much needed Allyship training!

Join us!

Info + registration : https://thefountain.earth/allyshiprogram/

Session Dates:  June 21, 28 – July 5, 12, 26 –  Aug 2, 9, 16 | 9am PST

We are excited to introduce ‘Decolonize Together: exploring allyship and indigenous wisdom’ an 8-week modular online program facilitated by one of our incredible Mother Earth Delegation members Dr. Alexis Bunten.

This program is designed to expand our understanding of how Indigenous knowledge can help to transform our economies from predatory to flourishing, strategies for organizational decolonization and allyship with Indigenous Peoples.

More and more, Indigenous knowledge of relationships between places, ecosystems, organisms, weather and engineering is being recognized as a source of solutions to anthropogenic problems. In-tact Indigenous communities possess generations of observation and culturally-based knowledge of place that scientists in dominant disciplines are only starting to scratch the surface to understand!

To add to this, the “modern scientific” world is striving to “make sense of” the role of “spirituality” in understanding the physical world, evidenced by experiments looking into the effects of singing to plants, the neurobiology of spirituality, and metaphysics.

Indigenous worldviews do not separate spirituality from other realms of existence, or bodies of knowledge. Members of the mainstream scientific community are beginning to look to Indigenous culture bearers to understand the catalytic power of belief coupled with holistic scientifically-sound practice.

For more information or to register, please see our link https://thefountain.earth/allyshiprogram/