End of an Age (Celestial Transmission) Video

End of An Age (EP) ~ New release from Anima Sound Medicine
As we approach December Solstice 2020, with prayers and deep love, we share our new EP offering.


“End of An Age” is a soundscape & spoken word transmission; a prayer to uplift our frequencies and help us remember ourselves as souls of divinity as we transition through these extraordinary times. Brothers and sisters, we are being called to contribute our loving energy and positive thoughts, to assist in the shift of the ages and the rebirth of mother earth. Each one of us plays an important part. We are all part of the web of life, each one of us, a note within the divine symphony..


May we remember the sacred power and light within us; remember that we chose to come here at this time and be an integral part in the transformation of our beautiful earth. “And now we stand within the darkness before the dawn - the dawn of a new era Where the shadow of our forgetfulness is dissolving As we awaken into the rebirthing of our world Beneath the veil of fear is an ocean of remembrance The waters of life of the comic womb that flow through our veins…


May we restore ourselves to see again through the innocent eyes of a child And dwell within the kingdom of the Heart” The video is our offering of love to Mother Earth and all her children.. If you feel inspired, please share it 🙂


With great love & blessings to you all
~ Anima Anima Sound Medicine www.animamusic.uk
~ Aluna Healing ~ Sound Healing Journeys & Events www.alunahealing.co.uk
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