A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ Navigating the Shift with Sibyl Star ~ February 27th, 2019

Our call this month is called, "Navigating the Shift"- We have always looked to the stars for guidance as the ancient teaching says, "As above, so below."  Sibyl Star will share her understanding of astrology, the meaning of the movements of the celestial bodies and the wisdom they provide to help us navigate these turbulent times.


Sibyl Star is a professional astrologer with over 20 years of experience. She has been a student of astrology since childhood and has studied with astrology masters such as Steven Forrest and Demetra George. Sibyl brings many years of spiritual and consciousness studies, as well as her devotion to the Divine Mother into her astrology practice. She is an ordained minister of Walking Prayer and a graduate and participant of other CSS programs. She currently teaches astrology classes in Sebastopol, CA.; writes a monthly blog; and does astrological consultations.
She has just recently started doing videos that you can find on her website at www.sibylstar.com.