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Feb 25th night- World Yogi Day, Mahasivratri: TIME VORTEX OF ENLIGHTENMENT

Once a year, a powerful time vortex presents itself, whereby we can attain enlightenment with ease. This is the day/night of Mahasivratri. For a yogi/yogini, Mahasivratri is the “Day/Night of Yoga”, the time to transcend, transform, evolve and attain liberation. Mahasivratri has been observed as the single most important vortex of time by both yogis and householders in India for thousands of years. Based on the planetary alignment with Earth and the lunar cycle, this vortex of time holds the objectives of yoga – Spirit having a human experience; liberation from the limits of the mind; and having the grace of Source in our daily realities.

This coming Mahasivratri is the Feb 25th night. The ideal preparation time to begin our own inner journey is on the fullmoon of Feb 10th with each day towards Mahasivratri the journey to be a Yogi.

In practical realities, Mahasivratri offers:

  • An ideal time to detox the body
  • The time to detox the mind – letting go of the past and karmic imprints of limitations
  • An ideal time to create an intent of resolution and a supreme prayer
  • An inspiration to awaken the yogi within
  • A potent time to break free from the stagnancy of life to enable us to more easily evolve into a life more attuned to our higher purpose
  • To awaken to the joyfulness of “Being” a person of higher consciousness and thereby imbibing all the qualities of higher consciousness: abundance, harmony, love and wisdom.

In the Western world it is truly beautiful to witness the growth of yoga as a practice, as an exercise and as a lifestyle itself. A drop of honey will lead to the honey pot. Practicing yoga naturally provides benefits of health and less stress, but beyond it all is the experience of gravitating towards Source, expressed in words such as “freedom”, “oneness”, “bliss”, “inspired”, “in the Now”, and so on. When we go deeper into the science of yoga to understand yoga as a journey through consciousness, we realize that words such as “liberation”’ and “enlightenment” are not distant concepts but an amazing experience we can have in our daily realities. Observing Mahasivratri does ease us into awakening the potential underlying objectives within yoga.

The worship of Lord Siva (known as Lord Shiva in Northern India) is essentially advaita, which means: awakening to the Oneness of Source in who we are and in everything we perceive. “Si” is the Spirit that we are; “Va” is the Goddess, that of experience. Siva is the awakening experience to be the vast void that holds all the universes. This awakening is related to the experience of being the Spirit – the vast Soul that is beyond our “I” identification, Siva. This is the root understanding to Lord Siva, the male and female within each of us. Likewise, “yogi” refers also to the feminine counterpart “yogini”.

In the spiritual depth of India, most yogis who undergo deep tapas (meditative penance) seldom coming out for months at a time, take a break from their meditative state on this one day. These Sages come out to bless humanity during this period of Mahasivratri. For one on the path of yoga, this is the night to experience and actually be the Eternal Yogi.

This day of Mahasivratri is based on the lunar calendar; during this period our consciousness easily condenses into divine awareness. From the yogic perspective, the Moon directly influences the mind and our consciousness. Each month, the new Moon and full Moon energies offer their own unique power as the Earth rotates around the Sun in its oval-shaped orbit through the year. Each day of the Moon cycle holds a specific nature and in the mystical traditions of yoga, each day is attributed to a specific Goddess; each Goddess holds a unique facet of energy based on the Moon phase. Each full Moon and new Moon period holds a specific vortex of energy. New Moons hold the consciousness of Lord Siva, the Spirit experience, while full Moons hold the awareness and the mind, the energies of Lord Vishnu. Every month, there is one Sivaratri – a potent time to meditate and worship deeply, and once a year, the grand Mahasivratri (maha means great) near the new Moon period.

Mahasivratri and Turiya: One of the key observances during the night of Mahasivratri is to stay awake all night. In reality, it is not about being a weekend warrior staying up all night singing, chanting and dancing, but about training ourselves to go beyond the mind and its sleep pattern through meditative practice. At the time vortex of Mahasivratri, we are able to experience the ‘sleepless sleep’ state with less effort.

The many objectives of yoga from the original intent of the Sages unravel with the experience of Turiya and the grace of Mahasivratri.

When we unite the limited mind with Source, we ‘yoke’ the unlimited potential to expand human realities to its mastery, as an artist does while painting.

When we realize that we are the Infinite Spirit dwelling in the body as the “I Am” experience, we are able to attain the highest perspective of realities that surround us and attain the radiance of blissful being.

Upon realizing that our body is a shrine that houses our Soul, well-being as good health flows naturally with us.

Upon climbing above the mind as Spirit having a human experience, we realize the oneness of humanity, oneness of all life, and ourselves as the Oneness that is many. We awaken to the potent Angelic nature of realization to be compassionate.

We are blessed with the attainment of higher consciousness that is causal in abundance, as well as love, inspiration and fulfillment to all our aspirations.

We awaken to the wisdom of karma, dharma and our highest purpose on planet Earth. We become the Angelic beings recreating heaven here on Earth.

When we utilize yoga as a tool to consciousness, we realize that the journey is beyond the mind and the natural states of sleep, being awake and dreaming.

Any higher conscious master of any culture or religion has the ability to bless reality through words and intent. This is because they are in touch with the higher conscious mind that is in union with Source, the mind state of Turiya. In deeper meditation, as we journey through the states of being awake, dreaming and sleeping, we realize each facet of the mind in levels of consciousness. The yogis dive beneath these layers to go beyond the mind, the thought patterns and karmic imprints, to the state of Turiya, the state of sleepless sleep. In the state of Turiya, the yogis climb into timelessness to intensify the “I Am” experience. In Mahasivratri, the key to celebrating Lord Siva is by staying awake all night long to experience the yogic state of the mind, the Turiya. This higher conscious state of Turiya is the hidden experience that we are to be blessed with during Mahasivratri when staying awake through the night singing, meditating or/and chanting.

For more information and guidance please visit www.worldyogiday.org

FB Page for Nandhiji’s guidance through Mahasivratri: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mahashivratri/

Article is from Book: Mastery of Consciousness- Awake the Inner Prophet: Break the limits of mind, body, and circumstances- by Nandhiji.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Mastery-Consciousness-Awaken-Inner-Prophet/dp/1634437217/

Handsigned by Nandhiji: http://www.sensitiveplanet.com/mastery-of-consciousness-teachings/mastery-of-consciousness-book/

About the Author: Nandhiji is a mystic, yogi, visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher. Nandhiji represents the path of the Liberated. Nandhiji shares the rare wisdom and teachings of the seldom revealed source of yogic wisdom of the Siddha Sages, the liberated mystics of South India





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