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This is the time when it would be beneficial for our movements if we made a collective and concentrated effort to be a active and conscious presence to heighten awareness of our movements and what is most important for the earth and all beings and as we all know WATER IS SACRED, WATER IS LIFE!

Let us shift the momentum to the earth, to the water, to all beings and WEAR OUR WATER REGALIA ON SUNDAYS.

It does take effort, self discipline, commitment and dedication to be consistent in creating the means for us to be visible, to be a mighty force, to be unified in solidarity, even if that be through the messages we wear to keep the movements moving. Lets do this together, wear our water messages on Sundays, Mni Wiconi, Kapu Ka Wai,

Water is Life..


We have our blue for our Sacred Water… ocean in the back!



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