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Lakota People’s Law Project ~ Video: DAPL sued over Last Child Camp land

As a Lakota grandmother, I have some very important news to share with you! As you are likely aware, on February 1, 2017, Dakota Access LLC called in law enforcement to arrest Chase Iron Eyes and other water protectors on land the company claimed to own. This supposed “ownership” is a point of contention that our Lakota People’s Law Project legal team will address at Chase’s trial this November.

Now, in a huge development for the case, the North Dakota attorney general has sued Dakota Access LLC, charging that it never acquired legal ownership of that land. A North Dakota state statute expressly prohibits a corporation like Dakota Access from acquiring or owning North Dakota farm or ranch land.

We Lakota know that the land belongs to us (under the Fort Laramie Treaties of 1851 and 1868). In our latest video update, Lakota Law Chief Counsel Daniel Sheehan talks about the AG’s suit and the impact on Chase’s legal defense. Please watch and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

A recent article by the Associated Press’s Blake Nicholson quotes our notice to the court: “Given that Dakota Access can’t legally own the land under state law, the company ‘had no legal authority whatsoever to direct law enforcement authorities to forcibly remove'” Chase and the others participating in ceremony at Last Child Camp.

Again, please watch and share our video with your networks:

Legal Update: No Trespass

North Dakota's Attorney General has determined that #DAPL never legally acquired title to the land where water protectors were arrested for trespassing. This could have huge implications for #NoDAPL cases. Make sure to stay tuned to these developments by liking our page (@Lakota People's Law Project) and SHARING this video with your friends! #StillNoDAPL

Posted by Lakota People's Law Project on Wednesday, July 11, 2018


We must not let the illegal actions of DAPL’s owners and hired attack firms go under-reported. Momentum is on our side in this landmark case. We are not trespassers. We are the ones protecting freedom in this land and the sacred heart of our Grandmother, Unci Maka. We all belong to the Earth. The Earth does not belong to us — and this part of the Earth definitely does not belong to Dakota Access LLC.

Wopila — Thank you for standing with us.

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