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Affiliates : UPLIFT

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.20.46 AMUPLIFT is actually an acronym….for Universal Peace and Love in a Festival of Transformation.

The overall goal: contribute to the shift in global consciousness by creating a dynamic space of fresh collaboration, where the unique gifts, wisdom and skills of each individual can weave into the collective and be revealed in ways that are beyond what any of us could imagine or achieve on our own. upliftconnect.com

UPLIFT 2014 – A Festival Giving Birth to a Global Movement from Uplift Festival on Vimeo.

Born as a festival of transformation Byron Bay, Australia in 2012, UPLIFT has rapidly evolved into a global movement of inspired co-creation, drawing together visionary leaders in science, health, spirituality, creativity, indigenous wisdom, conscious activism and sustainability to discover what infinite possibilities emerge when we bring our gifts and passions together for the higher good of all. WELCOME!

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