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The United Council met at the United Nations!

Last weekend the12 elders from wisdom traditions from all over the world met in New York for the Council of Twelve on 26th and 27th November.
The opening ceremony of the Council, Sunday 26th November, was performed by the Mohawk delegation. As part of the Five Nations, they are the spiritual guardians of Manhattan and it was right and proper that their representatives opened and closed the Council. Otsitsakenra led the ceremony with his incredibly moving words, expressing gratitude and thanks to all elements of nature and humanity.
This was broadcast live on Facebook for the first time and was followed by our Global Meditation. This profound and deep meditation enabled everyone to connect to their hearts and to focus a united intention of Love and Unity for our planet.
The Facebook live event was watched by other 3,500 people and provided an incredibly moving first day for everyone.

You can watch the Facebook live event again on our Facebook page here:

497 groups of people in 48 countries joined the opening on Sunday in meditation.
The event took place at The Assemblage in New York and we are deeply grateful to have been able to hold the first day of the Council there.

The second day of the Council, on Monday 27th November, was held at the United Nations and enabled the 12 elders to meditate during the day on the issues facing our planet and find solutions on how we can best protect the Earth and how we can reconnect humanity with nature.
We are delighted that the event was such a success and we extend our deepest gratitude to the elders and all those who travelled to New York for the event, as well as all those involved in this deeply memorable event. We are sending a huge thank you to The Equator Initiative for their invaluable help in navigating our path into the U.N.



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