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The Center for Sacred Studies is evolving and transforming!

We need your help to support Center for Sacred Studies!!

The Center for Sacred Studies is evolving and transforming!


Dear Relatives, Friends and Community,

Many of you have walked with us for the last 23 years, since we first gathered on the crystal mountain in the Sierra foothills above Colombia. Others have joined us along the years, as the global changes awakened a call to return to a way of life that is based on original principles,and an understanding that all life is sacred. Many of you have joined us in our prayer for world peace, as it has taken us around the world. Some of you came seeking healing and are now fully in service.

The Kogi tell us that the ending is falling into the beginning. And this beginning will move forward in 2026 through those individuals, organizations, initiatives and movements that are based on the Original Principles of heart, collaboration, cooperation, reciprocity and love.

It has been humbling to watch this prayer grow us, heal us and awaken in us a mission to stand up for the Earth; to reactivate our sacred sites; to grow alliances amongst nations that walk with Unity and to grow communities that model a way of life that is sustaining and respectful to Mother Earth and Her Creation. YOU ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!

For the first time in our history, we are offering an online fundraiser to raise money for the operations and the restructuring of our current system at the Center for Sacred Studies (CSS). In this way, we can listen to Spirit and follow the steps that will reveal the new form that is coming that will take us into the next decade, offering more efficiency and sustainable service to all of you and others that are coming. As we look upon all that is falling down in this ending process, our elders tell us to focus on that which is breaking through. That is our intention. A response to these times is in the prayer we all carry and serve.

Help us make this moment count!!
And thank you for all you have done and are doing that is both seen and unseen. It does make a difference!

For the generations here and those to come.
Let us flow in unity and peace with our focus on strengthening the Light!



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