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Support Youth Climate Activism!

“We are a generation that is hungry to create and
uphold change.”

Youth across the world are stepping up to build the movement that will lead us all through the next phase of life on earth


Climate change & the environment, governance, and human rights are all being influenced by the generations who will soon be voting and replacing the status quo. 

Earth Guardians has been supporting the voice of youth for 25 years. Today, the wave of youth activism is surging, and we are determined to assure these leaders have the support they need.
Join our campaign and your dollars
will be matched 1:1 up to $55,000!

Please give what you can, today! Earth Guardians’ resilient, multi-generational movement – with youth at the forefront – is turning the tide on the environmental and climate crises – and it is growing stronger every day.  By empowering youth as leaders and amplifying their impact, we are moving ideas and people, around the globe, into a real shift toward transformation.

These youth can’t do it alone.
They need mentorship, resources, and support.
That is the work of Earth Guardians

and of all who support the earth and its guardians.
Join us!

Our mailing address is:

Earth Guardians

3980 Broadway
Suite 103-229

Boulder, CO 80304



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