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Spiritual Activism
Podcasts with Matthew Isbell

Eclectic programs devoted to spiritual activism that offer meetings with new explorers of this path for creative change and transformation of the world.




David Braun: Sacred Activism

Sacred Economics! Podcasts with Matthew Isbell

This powerful, inspiring conversation between David Braun and Matthew Isbell explores: Spiritual awakening; Being witnessed by God; Fracking and the toxic impact of the oil industry; Sacred activism; Defending Mother Nature; The importance of knowing where our food comes from; Aligning our actions with our convictions and fighting for what you believe in; Planting good seeds and our responsibility to serve the future generations; Co-creating a beautiful planet…



Mindahi Bastida: Ancestral Ways and Care of Mother Earth 

Sacred Economics! Podcasts with Matthew Isbell

This beautiful conversation between Mindahi Bastida and Matthew Isbell explores: Biodiversity and biocultural heritage; Ancestral ways of life in harmony with Nature; Ritual, Offerings and Spiritual Payments; Continuity of traditional ways within the domination of the Catholic church…


Dave Room :  Storyteller and Shiftshaper

Sacred Economics! Podcasts with Matthew Isbell

«This shift in consciousness that’s happening obviously I’m not doing it alone but I am doing it intentionally and I am working right now to help shiftisness on a large level by creating chosen entertainment that is incredibly magnetizing for kids but at the same time it’s nourishing them and reminding them who they really are.» – Dave Room



Jyoti : Sacred Economics and Catalysing Change

 Sacred Economics! Podcasts with Matthew Isbell

Economics and what it means to bring the sacred into the material world; sacred exchange; being a spiritual catalyst; being an instrument of the divine; spiritual awakening and spiritual emergence; entering the 5th world; co-creation; The Fountain…

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