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Community Prayer Calls
Jyoti, Darlene Hunter and the Community of the Center of Sacred Studies

Setting Our Intentions for Our World Work in 2017
2nd community Prayer call


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On November 19th, we held a teleconference call in which over a hundred people joined us to share feelings about the outcome of the elections. We took this time to realign ourselves with our soul’s purpose and strengthen the connections we all hold toward a prayer for peace and unity. Below I would like to share some of the responses we received. In that call, many requested that we gather again, so we are sending out another invite to all, hoping to grow in our numbers and deepen the clarity and connection that Spirit is asking from us in this moment of great transformation on Mother Earth. This call is set for January 4th, so we can set clear intentions for our work for the new year. This is a prophetic time we are in. We are prepared and our mission is clear! We must proceed connected with our hearts open and our mission peace. Mother Earth has a plan. As we follow Her direction, the mystery of this work will be revealed!!

How to stand up for the Earth and how to respond in this moment of crisis is exemplified in the prayer being held at Standing Rock.
This is a time for all peoples-all nations-to unite in one voice and one heart standing up for the Water of Life!!

Here is the link—https://www.facebook.com/pg/unify/videos/?ref=page_internal

May the blessings of these high holy days shower you and all you hold dear.

I am so humbled to be walking this good road with you all.

With great love and respect,
Jyoti, Darlene and the community of the Center for Sacred Studies

Responses from our last call:
THANK YOU from my heart for this opportunity to gather with others and share our reaction/response to the recent earthshaking CHANGE we collectively experienced. I gained solace and strength by our prayers and song and sharing… and vision for the future… and ways to proceed with clarity and Presence. The wisdom and tenderness within this e-circle is SO NEEDED and SO APPRECIATED. with deep bow. – Mara

It was wonderful to connect and share in this way! I hope that tonight’s call is the first of many more…Thank you again! (I listened to the last half of the call while standing in line to hear Winona La Dukes in- person talk tonight at the University of Oregon 🙂 A beautiful weaving is unfolding! XXOO – Rita

I would never have expected to find consolation from any words or perspectives at this point in time. How amazing then, with such great timing, to re-learn the wisdom of Spirit and even the “correctness” in the order (or dis-order) of things – to be the exact sequence operative in the Healing Process. The sharing was so “on point”. To accept that great darkness really does precede the Light. What it takes to move from the 3rd to the 4th Chakra. And the story of the eggshell that forces the chicken to emerge and grow. So must we – by accepting and even seeing this as an “exciting opportunity” to grow… I’ve been stretched tonite from a place of despair – to one of gratitude – that “All is Right with the World“. Much love to all. Aho! – Shirley

Ah yes!!! Loved the call tonight. So much inspiration! I’m feeling a sense that the web of life is not really broken after all…and that I am being /doing my part on the great wheel of wholeness. I am completely blessed to be part of this community. Thank you thank you for this generous time you spend with is coming together. We find ground together. I would love another call in the next few weeks. – Susan

But, now we must awake, take up our responsibilities, with honor and trust.We must make alliances with those we most thought we could not even hear…we must come full force at a system hell-bent on destroying humanity and All living things. So, as I sat and listened to the teleconference, with my pets sitting all around me, I am reminded that we ALL are connected, but we all must stand, as connected! – Marni



Dear Community and Relatives,

I want to thank you for participating in this last call. I always go away from them so inspired by our community.
By your courage;  by your honest input and sharing;  by your heartfelt devotion.
We have received feedback that you would like to continue the calls, so we will be sending you another time in about a month.

As my friend Lawrence Bloom wrote: “We are not living in an age of change any more, we are living in a change of age. The former age has to do with “progress,” the latter with relationships. Our relationship with the Earth that gives us life; the cosmos, that gave us birth; our relationship to each other, because without each other our lives have no meaning; and finally our relationship to our true nature, are all explored in a Change of Age.”

Another one of our community sent me a mantra to work with negative energy. Please feel free to use this and know that now is the time for our Peace Work. And you are an instrument for Peace in these times.

Mantra for Destruction of Negative Forces and for Protection.
Narasimha Ta Va Da So Hum
(nah-rah-seem-ha tah vah dah soh huh)

“This mantra can backfire if used in a hateful way, because hate is contrary to the nature of all Vishnu mantras.” –  Healing Mantras by Thomas Ashley-Ferrand.

We are so thankful to be walking this good road with you all. You truly are the treasures along this path.
Much love,
Jyoti, Darlene, Hanayo, Margin and the staff of CSS

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This was a very wonderful circle. Please have more. I would love to continue to participate! – Leslie

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