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Center for Sacred Studies challenges YOU to take the Rolling on the Floor Laughing Challenge to Spark Laughter that Uplifts the World!

Remember to join us for (and spread the word about) the Laughing and Giving Circle on 11/27 at 11 am ET https://www.facebook.com/donate/498574097326432/498574107326431

Help Center for Sacred Studies raise awareness, funding and laughter!  Be a spark of laughter that uplifts the world!  Create a funny video, share and donate #ROFL Challenge  This helps 50 non-profits doing great work across the globe together. www.roflchallenge.org

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we are one of the benefiting organizations in the Rolling on the Floor Laughing Challenge, the first ever global collaborative fundraising challenge.

The #ROFLChallenge dares each of us to create a funny video, share and donate. Every video, every share and every donation supports over 50 non-profits and helps to solve complex problems that no individual business, organization or leader can solve alone …and here are just a few of them! Earth Guardians, Finca Segrada, KINS, Noomap, Pachamama Alliance, The Jane Goodall Institute Australia & Roots & Shoots Australia…

Here is a video Lynne Twist-Pachamama did for the ROFL challenge.

See www.roflchallenge.org for example videos!

WE CHALLENGE YOU to take the ROFL Challenge – Spark Laughter that Uplifts the World.

Step 1: Take the challenge! Tell a joke, play a (safe) prank, put on a skit — or just plain ANYTHING to get another person laughing.

Step 2: Film it and post it with the hashtag #ROFLChallenge.

Step 3: Challenge your friends and activate your networks! Challenge them by name in your video and use social media to invite others to make a video or donate (or both!)

Or go to www.ROFLChallenge.org to get all the details. (How to make the video…etc.)

Check out our ROFL Challenge Video Here!

Help us make it more visible by Liking it, posting a Comment, or Sharing it on your own Facebook Newsfeed.

Help Spark Laughter that Uplifts the World:
Donate to the #ROFLchallenge via www.roflchallenge.org
or in USA text ROFL to 50155.

To learn more about how nonprofits can benefit from this campaign, please view the ROFL CONCEPT DESCRIPTION HERE and the SUBMISSION GUIDE HERE. This effort is being organized by the We Go High Project www.wegohighproject.org, a sponsored program of Green America www.greenamerica.org and the Compassion Games www.compassiongames.org.
Help Spark Laughter that Uplifts the World:

Make your own funny ROFL Challenge video, challenge 3 more people, businesses or organizations to do the same and donate to the #ROFLchallenge via www.roflchallenge.org or in USA text ROFL to 50155.

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