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Rise with Standing Rock & March on D.C.



Native Nations Bring the Fight to D.C.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and indigenous allies are calling on us to continue the fight against big oil and join them in marching on Washington, D.C. on March 10th to bring this issue to the doorstep of our elected officials. As Earth Guardians, we are joining in solidarity with the indigenous peoples of the world who are bravely standing to defend our planet and our health from destructive fossil fuel projects.

Whether you are indigenous or an ally in this movement, you have a stake in this battle. Our water is sacred and must be protected. We must continue to work off the momentum created at Standing Rock to push towards a clean, sustainable energy future.

If you can join our brothers and sisters in Washington, D.C., RSVP to the event here. If you are unable to make it, there will be solidarity events taking place on March 10th all over the world! Please share the event with your network and talk to your friends and family about the actions of our water protectors.

The Indigenous Environmental Network and its partners are also hosting several days of workshops, cultural events, and meetings with legislators in order to publicize the push for climate justice and the respect of indigenous values and rights. These events are open to everyone.

If you know indigenous leaders or youth, please encourage them to attend as the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is looking for a large, diverse group of indigenous peoples to meet with Congress and network with other leaders.

We will keep you updated on event details and coverage of the marches taking place all across the world. Thank you for joining in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe!




  • Help! I believe there is a red man in me, stuck in the body of a super-white cracker! This is difficult and painful at times, but some of the perks allow me to get away with saying some outrageous things to the white status quo.
    Trinity Point Project is part of that necessary, outrageous thing that must be spoken. Please allow yourselves to read this website with open hearts and see if it speak to your heart. If so, this a good thing and it is all that I hope for with this project.
    I look forward to meting with my Red Sisters and Brothers there, on Friday. For what it is worth, I will be holding sacred space at Trinity Point Farm on Sunday, (March 12), Noon to 5 pm, on that day. Also, (not dissimilar from Standing Rock), this sacred land is being threatened by a gas pipeline project, Atlantic Coast Pipeline project (ACP), slated to run very nearby to this landscape. Perhaps some of you might like to come walk the land here and feel the power of this place. Blessings to you (Sisters and Brothers), from the bottom of my Big Red Heart, Namaste
    Philip Khnopp – Founder / Facilitator Trinity Point Project.
    I will usually have my cell phone with me. 540-448-2462

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