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Palo Santo Sticks

Its name literally means holy wood, and it is just that. When it is burned, the smoke is believed to have both medicinal and therapeutic healing power. Traditionally, it is burned by Incas, indigenous people of the Andes, Shamans and medicine people for spiritual purifying, energy cleansing and healing.

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Sacred Protection Anointing Oil

Anahata Alchemy

A ritual body oil alchemized with healing intention for grounding and clearing space within.

Earthy and rich notes of Juniper Berry + Mugwort + White Sage hold space for purification and transformation, Vetiver grounds and focuses our spirit, while the sweetness of Rose + Palo Santo bring the energies of renewal and rebirth. This oil is a supreme ally to have on hand for maintaining psychic boundaries.

Essences of Smoky Quartz & Black Tourmaline are infused as added protection for your Earth shield.

Use this magical oil blend to bless + anoint yourself and those you love.

Ingredients / / Juniper Berry, Mugwort, White Sage, Rose Petals, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil,Essential oils of Palo Santo & Vetiver, essence of Smoky Quartz & Black Tourmaline, Vitamin E

All ingredients are ORGANIC // Ethically WILDCRAFTED

Ethically Sourced Botanical Medicine

Handcrafted with Love on Kauai

50 ML Miron Glass

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Ancient Ritual Copal Salve

Ancient Ritual is a divinatory, preventitive & therapeutic salve. Infused with rich Copal & sweet Rose petals.

Copal calls upon the Spirit of all things, embodying the healer archetype of the Soul & its path towards wholeness. Use as an every day balm to soften skin or rub on sore bodies to soothe aches & pains.

Ingredients – All ORGANIC and//or Ethically WILDCRAFTED – Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Copal resin, Rose petals, Rose Otto, Shea Butter, Kauai Beeswax, Vitamin E

∞ Handcrafted with love on Kauai – Ethically sourced botanical medicine ∞

This balm is gentle enough for sensitive skin, but as with any product that’s new to you, try a small patch test first to ensure its compatibility with your skin.

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