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THE VISION, Book One – Nakai is the first of three books illustrating the ‘why’ behind this shared mission.

Grandmother Nakai Breen, a beloved Cherokee medicine woman, carried the seed of the Mahavakyas in her cosmic heart. Nakai lived a life of humility, service, vision and power. The Vision, Book One shares many of the blessings, miracles and cosmic knowledge that marked Nakai’s life, especially in illuminating the story of the crystal building to which she dedicated herself so deeply and fearlessly.

Nakai’s vision of these Temples, shared by seers of different traditions, is now blossoming in the hearts of many. There are countless individuals who have a role to play in this global crystal temple project. It is for this reason that we write these stories, as a sort of classified ad, a calling to those who feel some remembering… some resonance to participate in this profound project of world peace and transformation.

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