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Pachas Pajamas

Animated book & Cd Set

A story written by Nature

When Pacha goes to sleep the plants and animals on her pajamas guide her on a dream adventure to learn more about herself and the natural world. Her magical pajamas carry her into an epic dream where she’s the central player at a nature festival intended to save the planet from destruction. Pacha awakens with a better understanding of who she truly is, and inspired to share the festival’s message that “We Are ALL Connected.” She envisions a Global Dance Party that brings everyone all together, inviting young people across the planet to learn the Connected dance and post videos of themselves and friends singing, dancing, and/or sharing about connectedness. Will you join her?

The Animated book  is about 200 pages with over 80 black and white illustrations.

The companion Augmented Reality app brings the book to life! Positioning the mobile device over the images in the book displays animations from the story and educational videos about youth environmental leaders.

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