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Opening the Kimono: A Woman's Intimate Journey Through Life's Biggest Challenges is a diary, tell-all, rant, confession, and healing guide all rolled into one. Author Theresa Rose is Everywoman. She has loathed her body since childhood, screwed-up countless relationships, climbed and subsequently swan-dived off the corporate ladder, walked the high wire of modern parenthood, and struggled to find some semblance of peace amid life's dramas and traumas. Instead of burying or ignoring the deep, dark uglies of her past, Theresa bravely and unflinchingly shares her most poignant experiences and the juicy lessons contained within them. Through her collection of inspirational personal essays, Theresa helps readers become aware of their choices, connect to a force greater than themselves, and above all, recognize the many gifts underneath their gunk. Opening the Kimono is a humorous, heartfelt wake up call that illustrates the joy and sacredness of the human experience - pimples and all.

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