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"This thought popped into my mind yesterday as I was being given Reiki by a dear friend and colleague of mine. My life should be looked at as compost!

At first this made me laugh. Where did this idea come from? What this means, I think, is that the beauty of my life, of everyone's life, is that we have stories to share, lots of stories, and that as we share stories our life experiences can be used as fertilizer for everyone else!

One of my fondest hopes is that my life and the incredible journey of living that I have been on will be of use to others. We spend so much time during our lives locked up in our own heads and hearts. There are so many things we could share with each other, but we stop short. Why?

As I write these stories about my experiences and things I’ve learned, let them take wing. What I write, I let go of to have a meaning of its own to whoever wants to read it. I have always felt that our lives can enrich the world."

​–Dale Swan
​excerpt from Prologue

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