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Kodama Light, natural light

In the Spirit of Collaboration and Reciprocity each Lamp that is purchased from the Kodama website 20% of proceeds go to Center for Sacred Studies.

Just go to the website https: www.datoda.com/kodama and put in the Code: "CSS"

Environmental light

The Kodama is made of solid wood harvested from native trees.

The wood of Kodama is gently brushed with a blend of therapeutic essential and organic food grade oils.  We hand-tailor our electrical with natural Italian linen to make turning on Kodama  soft to the touch.

​We hand-make every Kodama in our studio nestled in the vast beauty of The White Mountains.

Clean LED light reveals the golden glows of the maple tree, and the rosy meditative hues of cherry. ​The light we create for others is imbued with the spirit of our natural surroundings. Tranquil, minimal glow. Kodama is inspired by honest sources of light found in nature.

​The sun, our nearest source of light and life; and the flame, the great communicator.  Kodama Reflections for most of humanity, ​light was a matter of the time of day.

The sun would rise, and set.  This natural rhythm has evolved  our native wellbeing.  Light is the fabric of our very being.

20% Kodama proceeds go to the continuity of growing peace and awareness of our land.

​US Shipping is free.

Learn more about our woods Da.To.Da!!


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