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#NoDAPL TV Spot Exclusive Premiere

Message from Chase Iron Eyes
Lakota People’s Law Project lead counsel


Our fight against the Dakota Access pipeline isn’t over. Oil has not yet begun to flow, new information has emerged, and it’s not too late to stop the pipeline’s trajectory through our sacred lands. As our fight shifts to the courts of law and public opinion, we have rededicated our resources to the legal arena and a strictly targeted, no-holds-barred media campaign.

We’ve begun production on a series of ads designed to keep the pressure on those in power to do the right thing and stop DAPL through all available legal channels. We are happy to announce the completion of the first of these powerful spots! Take a look—and please share it with your network.

Now more than ever, we need to stand firm in our spirit of resistance. We must continue to pressure our elected officials to insist upon a full and fair environmental review, and the due process of law. Our Lakota People’s Law Project team will not give up the battle to protect our water, and we have identified the path to victory.

Our spot made its debut on television during this morning’s news shows in Washington, D.C., and our march on Friday will put the exclamation point on its message. Please join us in keeping the eyes of the world on Standing Rock. This struggle remains the true, timely intersection of environmental justice and the preservation of our inherent human rights. We plan to prevail.

Pilamaya! (Thank you)

Chase Iron Eyes
Lakota People’s Law Project lead counsel

PS: Please help share our message as widely as you can, and keep the public eye firmly focused on our important stand. The #NoDAPL movement is not over, and we have no plans to concede this fight. Our coalition must remain strong and activated, and as individuals, we must remain vigilant.



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