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Alliances : Mauli Ola Festival


Dear Spirit Seeds,

Everybody feels like the world is going crazy and it is time to return to basic goodness and a sense of human decency.

We have to start with nature when we want to build a future that is sustainable, whether it’s human nature or the weather or the earth.

Remember how precious and valuable joy and laughter are?

My name is Malian, and I am working to establish a sacred global culture of peace, harmony, love, and happiness for all.

Mauli Ola Festival is a joyful festival celebrating ecology, healing energy, the arts – and of course, farming. Earth-based wisdom keepers, builders, healers and leaders like Youssoupha Sidibe, Holly Baade, Bonzai Holmes, Jasmine Silverstein, Molly Masaoka, Momi Aiu, and Adam Junod will come together and co-create an expression of collective artistry and beauty.

That’s where we need you to show up and co-create the new culture with us in a sacred way, by purchasing a ticket to the Mauli Ola Festival on our IndieGogo crowdfunding site, www.mauliolafestival.com.

You can also purchase other wonderful rewards, including my first music release, The Beat Is Love EP as a crowdfunding reward.  Layered with sacred mantra, danceable beats, and sweet reverent warmth, my music was written to bring forth the bliss within so that we can be a light for others.

Isn’t it right if we try to humbly have a conversation between all the beautiful expressions of humanity in the the world based on universal values and principles?

Finally, we also ask that you share this among your networks. We need all the help we can get to share this humble offering.

Thank you so very much for coming to the rescue of all that makes life beautiful!  


Malian Lahey

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