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Maitri Breathwork™ WorkShops

“Maitri” is Sanskrit for unconditional loving-kindness  towards oneself and others.

Developed by Jyoti and Russell Park, PhDs, Maitri Breathwork™ is a way that individuals can access non-ordinary states of consciousness through their own breath to integrate healing into daily life. The process used in Maitri Breathwork™ is a combination of deep breathing practices, evocative music and healing touch which calls forth images and messages held in the body and submerged in the unconscious. Through these revelations a profound process of personal transformation can begin.


June 23,  2018
The Fifth Annual Global Maitri Breathwork on June 23, 2018 in Sebastopol, CA with Jyoti & Russel Park and Darlene Hunter.
See More Info for Global Maitri Breathwork in Sebastopol, CA




Maitri Breathwork on May, 2018  In Cleveland, Ohio (west side) with Karen Kazsmer  & Moira Scullion.

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