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January, 2015 News from Staci Boden

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Happy New Year????? I hope so. Despite entering 2015, I’m seeing a similar theme: let go, or be dragged. We’re in the midst of potentially overwhelming transformation. The more we stay strong while being fluid with sudden change, the more we’ll be able to navigate current times.

Learning how to relax into holding points of tension in our lives takes practice but it’s worth it. Because not only does relaxing into the stretch create room for expansion, it hones our ability to receive and maintain abundance when it arrives.

Whether it’s a dance ceremony, women’s retreat or breathwork, earth-based ways provide an opportunity to practice releasing, stretching, holding and following energy inside our bodies and throughout our lives. We also get to lean into each other so we don’t feel so alone on our journey of wholeness.

You’re invited to join us.

Staci Boden, MA, CD
Dancing-Tree Consulting



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