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Kayumari Community – A spiritual village providing a synergistic environment, aligned with Mother Earth, for the mindful integration of cross-cultural practices and the commitment to the achievement of the highest human potential.

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Founded in 1995, Kayumari is a community and center for healing and spiritual seeking. Kayumari is known in the Huichol Indian tradition as a blue deer that brings messages to the people from Spirit. It is said that where the blue deer walks, healthy communities grow.

The original home of Kayumari was nestled on 160 acres, surrounded by national forests in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains near Yosemite National Park. From there Kayumari went on to develop communities on the East coast, Switzerland, and Prague, and founded a home in the Brazilian Amazon.
Kayumari received thousands of people over its first 15 years and developed a global initiative that is expressed by its church, the Center for Sacred Studies.

The business of the community Kayumari is conducted through the programs of the Center for Sacred Studies. CSS has opened a new center in Guerneville, California and has entered into a collaboration with the Wildwood Retreat Center. Located in the redwoods, classes are offered to bring about individual transformation and empowerment. Elders from many traditions come to teach, and ceremonial grounds are kept sacred to honor the earth-based ways of prayer.

Kayumari-in-the-Wildwoods roundKayumari in the Wildwood: The Sanctuary program and Love in Action Offerings. Together, we have built a community of people devoted to living with open hearts and awakened minds. The Kayumari in the Wildwood has been opened in our new location at Wildwood Foundation in Sonoma County. See The Kayumari in the Wildwood Information page.

Kayumari in Czech Republic : See Kayumari in Czech Republic  website – www.kayumari.cz.


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