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Join A Prayer for International Women’s Day!

With so much division and so many voices arising over the past year, it’s truly an exciting time for women. So what can we do to make a real difference in the face of such huge concerns?

Our Center for Sacred Studies friend, Neesa, Dr. Ginger Mills, asked this question, and she received a vision through her paintbrush to invite others to join together through the invisible forces and love and intention with the use of a beautiful prayer mandala.

She received a vision that this Divine Feminine Prayer Portal is to be shared among women as a way to create unity in honor of March 8th International Women’s Day, and at any time into the future. It is to be a common access point for women to converge, to connect to one another and to garner support from the unseen world – the world where the magic of prayer and intention becomes physical reality.

This prayer portal has been replicated beautifully as giclee print on 26″ round canvas, and is available for purchase, and 50 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Center for Sacred Studies, which is dedicated always to uplifting consciousness globally.
The mat is printed on canvas, and is designed to be used on a floor or a table top enhanced with personal touches of candles, crystals and other sacred objects.

“These gorgeous mandala altars are the most beautiful and magical I have ever seen and are infused with the essence of Divine Love.  When I worked with this mat underneath a massage table during a healing, I immediately felt a portal into the Divine Mother open up; it was as if the Holy Great Mother was embracing us in the womb of creation for this healing to occur.  It was truly magical.

 The Divine Feminine Prayer Altar is perfect tool for creating an altar space in your home, working with it as a portal in healing ceremonies and body work under a table, and also will function as a stunning art piece on the wall. The colors and shape exude luscious feminine energy with vibrant yet soft colors, they are very luminous in their invoking the numinous.

Something important to me is that these stunning mandala pieces are made from the pure heart, soul and hands of a woman serving as an emissary of light in the awakening of humanity. This is a perfect way to support Sacred Vocation and how to use money consciously. Activate your own Sacred Doorways in whatever path you are on… these magical mandalas will enhance your life and spiritual practice in the most precious of ways.”
– Nadine Keller, MA 

You can order your Divine Feminine Prayer Portal at the Sacreddoorways store for $149. You can also join Neesa on Sacreddoorways on Facebook where she will be sharing more about using the mats over the coming weeks.



Neesa Ginger Mills, DC
Body and Energy Healing
Sacred Spaces, Transformational Ceremony
Phone: 650-642-7955



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