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Happy World Water Day!!

Today is a beautiful day – every March 22nd is World Water Day and we wanted to use this opportunity to share the impact water has on peoples’ lives around the world as well as some of the wonderful people working towards a healthier and happier future!

I think we all know that water is an incredibly precious resource – it is a life giver in so many ways. When we were in North Dakota, we saw how unifying the fight for clean water is among so many different groups of people. One thing we have learned in this movement is that when we fight for our water, we fight for each other. Thank you for joining us in this!

Water scarcity is a real and imminent threat – South Africa is facing a protracted three-year drought, leaving at least 1 million Cape Town homes facing “Day Zero”. When this day arrives, their taps will be turned off and there will no longer be access to running water.And water scarcity is felt the world over.

Our very beings rely on water and on a healthier world. Sometimes the state of the world and the destruction of the nature around us leaves us feelings helpless. Still, there are wonderful people doing working towards a brighter future.

Gravity Water in Nepal and Thailand

In August of 2015, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and subsequent aftershock that hit Nepal devastated much of the country’s infrastructure and killed thousands. Our friends at Gravity Water saw the need for a sustainable method of accessing clean water in remote areas. Combining rainwater harvesting, storage, and filtration, they worked with 5 communities in the Kathmandu District to build self-sustaining and energy-free systems in 2016. They’ve more recently expanded into Vietnam, partnering with Not Just Bamboo to complete 3 clean water systems in public schools and communities in the Northern Region of Vietnam. 

Ban Fracking in the Delaware River Basin!!

Here in the United States we see many communities struggling against pollution, fossil fuel extraction, and more threats to their water sources. Recently, the Delaware River Basin Commission proposed regulations banning fracking in the River Basin. Unfortunately, those regulations don’t protect ALL communities – they continue to allow for the exportation of water from the Basin to fracking elsewhere AND the importation of wastewater into the Basin for treatment. This is unacceptable – we cannot allow other communities to be harmed so we must tell the DRBC that we want ALL fracking banned from the Basin. 

Here’s where YOU can help!! The DRBC is now accepting public comments but they must be submitted by March 30th! Whether you are able to send a detailed comment or something shorter, please take a few minutes to submit your comments to the DRBC webform before March 30th!! 

If anyone has problems with the webform, please call Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS) at their office (845-252-6677) and they will help or fill it out for you.

Again, thank you for your fight, thank you for your strength, and thank you for joining us in this. Mni Wiconi! Water is Life!

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Cassidy and the AWAKE Team



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