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Give 5 indigenous children a home in Thailand

The fundraiser on GlobalGiving continues for another 10 days, to build the children’s home, we need only $5000 total!

In less than 1 year, the Akha Children’s Dream Home, an Akha led Children’s Home and Orphanage has opened in the north of Thailand due to the generous support of the Center for Sacred Studies. As the sponsored organization, we were able to apply for a grant from the Sacred Fire Foundation to open the first ever Akha Language and Culture School in Thailand for Akha children, and received the grant! The school, operating out of the community leader’s home, opened 1 month ago. In a setting of extreme poverty, vast neglect and cultural genocide, the success of these two projects are unimaginable and unprecedented in kind.

The fundraiser on GlobalGiving continues for another 10 days, to actually build the children’s home, and we need only $5000 total! Here is the site! https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/akha-childrens-dream-home/
All amounts make a difference!  And all donations are tax-deductible.
For more information or to support in any way, please visit www.akhachildrensdreamhome.org

To volunteer (we’re ready for you!), please email akhachildren@gmail.com

With the support of the CSS community, there are already 5 children sponsored for 1 year! These children have responded to the magnanimous change of their lives with such comments as, “Here, it is different; there is food.” “Now I can go to school.” Many of them could not eat when they first arrived, used to starvation. Their lives have changed forever.

With immense gratitude,
on behalf of our Akha family,

Batya Friedland
Founder/Executive Director



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