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Center For Sacred Studies Fiscal Sponsorship: Fukushima Solutions


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Fukushima Solutions

359737_091c258c91784f8684c23d53883ca082.jpeg_srz_p_268_188_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpeg_srzAs most of you know, a tsunami hit the coast of Japan in April of 2011, destroying the Fukushima power plant and sending three of the reactors into meltdown. We now know that the Pacific Ocean is deeply distressed, not just from radiation but also from other environmental causes. The State of the Ocean Report establishes that most waters of the world are in various stages of dying.

When enough people raise their consciousness through love, prayer and sacred technology, we can change the world. We then are working with the spiritual formative forces out of which the material world manifests.

The purpose of Fukushima Solutions is to encourage folks to delve into this world. By experiencing joy and thankfulness of nature, in a meditative state on a daily basis and then transferring these emotions to the devastation of Fukushima and the oceans. We can then heal the oceans and heal ourselves.


We at Fukushima Solutions are a group of people who believe that through the use of appropriate technology, prayer and sacred ceremony we can mitigate  some of the devastation that humanity is causing to the waters of the earth.

By repeating our appreciation of nature day after day, we raise our own consciousness to a higher level.  When many practice this, we can heal not only ourselves, but nature and the oceans themselves. We do take our place in the universe and do become co-creators in what is right for us, the Earth and the whole universe. The whales, dolphins, fish and all the sea creatures and aquatic plants of the oceans will still have a place on this earth. Ultimately the human race will too.

There are also practical solutions that can be used to mitigate radiation problems and some are of a more esoteric nature. We will create a small network of experts using a KINS Innovation Network. These members  are experts in the oceans, radiation remediation and consciousness-raising. We will share with you a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding Fukushima and the oceans and keep you updated and inspired to enter more fully into your connection and love of nature.

Please visit our website at www.fukushimasolutions.org for more information. This website and our subsequent postings will encourage and we hope inspire you to take up a daily meditation that is centered around enjoying and appreciating nature. We will also use this venue to update you about ways to heal the waters of the Earth.

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