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Alliances : Finca Sagrada (Sacred Land Farm)

Nature Retreat in the Mountains of Ecuador

Retreat from January 15th to January 21th, 2016

Reclaiming Your Oneness to the Web of Life…

Those who contemplate the beauty of Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts – Rachael Carson

We invite you to come and join our farm community, Finca Sagrada (Sacred Land Farm), in the beautiful mountains of Ecuador. Find new ways to be nourished by nature and to be renewed and strengthened in your daily living. Go back in time with us and experience how the indigenous of our valley can still communicate directly with nature. The shamans have the ability to read the spiritual landscape and still hear what the rocks and plants have to say. They will share this knowledge with us and lead us in ceremony.

Finca Sagrada community members. Leisha, Walter, Susan, Cristian

Our four farm partners will share our passion and knowledge inspired by our own life’s work. This will deepen your connection to Earth and to your own highest calling.

Walter Moora

Walter will share his love of the land, showing how growing a garden can be grounding and soul nourishing. He will share his Biodynamic knowledge, explaining how all the unseen forces and beings make our existence possible. Learn how the stars and planets influence everything we see around us. Learn how the elemental beings organize and make life possible. All while learning as much Biodynamic method as you wish. See Walter’s book, A Farmer’s Love.

Susan Davis Moora

Susan gifts you with her book, The Trojan Horse of Love, before you come so that you can take full advantage of her wisdom about how to identify your highest life’s path. During the workshop, she’ll teach you her successful method not only for finding your own highest life path but for gathering others to help you.

Leisha Naja

Leisha, a eclectic healer (Ayurveda, herbalism, homeopathy, Spiritual Direction), will make you at home in her own Magical Forest, a wonderland of herbs, flowers, vegetables, streams, bridges, and trees. Her sculptures, created at will, amuse and inspire. She prepares delicious healthy organic meals served right there. Experience eating outside by candle light after a full day of inspiring experiences.

Cristian Ojeda

Our Ecuadorian partner Cristian, who practiced Biodynamic agriculture in England, was born and raised in our nearby traditional community of Tumianuma. Bilingual, he teaches Spanish and local customs, and created his Inca Garden of wondrous streams and rock walls. He’ll share stories of Ecuadorian history from both an indigenous and mestizo perspective.

We look to the Earth for sustenance in all ways. Her beauty gives us joy, peace, strength…and food and water and air to keep us healthy and strong.

In this retreat we try to synthesize the two. There will be lots of time for nature appreciation through guided meditations and private time on our beautiful land. We also offer time for Yoga…and agnihotra ceremony as the sun rises.

There will be opportunities to be grounded in nature through practical work in the gardens and learning about Biodynamics

We will also learn how we can help the earth through reverence and ceremony.

As you recommit to the earth you will be helped to find your highest path through a deep collaboration with kindred spirits. You’ll be taught an innovation method for manifesting your life’s purpose developed by 40 such networks over 40 years.

What is Finca Sagrada (Sacred Land Farm)?

Our farm is an intercultural Biodynamic self-supporting farm family created 4 years ago on 15 lower acres with a mountain above.

During the last few years, our farm has already been visited by special leaders of key indigenous groups…the Quero from Peru, the Kogi (“The Four Nations of La Sierra Nevada of Columbia”) and the Palta, the original peoples of our Chirusco Valley. They have all said that our valley is a sacred site, important to the well-being of Earth. As stewards of this land, we are exploring what this means. When you visit, you will experience this energy and we will share through non-medicine ceremony what we have learned.

We do have a beautiful community center where some can stay but someof you will be staying in tents, adobe cabins or even tree houses, some with no lights. Dinners will often be in our outdoor kitchen and you will be using composting toilets. While we do have internet and Skype, we hope you will leave your usual world behind.

…while our Magical Forest offers a more earthy option for meals and relaxing.

Our life style is very simple, maybe a little rustic. We have a wide variety of sleeping options, shown below. The tents and adobe cabins have no lights.

We do have a beautiful community centre where some can stay but some of you will be staying in tents, adobe cabins or even tree houses, some with no lights. Dinners will often be in our outdoor kitchen and you will be using composting toilets. While we do have internet and Skype, we hope you will leave your usual world behind.

Our climate is perfect, spring-like all year long but as you will be living outdoors, you will want to cover up with socks, jeans and long-sleeved shirts to protect yourself against the insects, which are as lively as our soil! In seven years here though, we’ve never had dangerous interactions with snakes or nature. You will experience the elements – earth, water, fire and wind – in all their strength. We are surrounded by mountains, a rushing river, a gurgling stream and often you can hear the wind. On most nights, the stars are brilliant and the fire flies are fairy-like.

Retreat Program

During the mornings, we will be working in the gardens and you will experience:

• Starting a garden and using the Biodynamic preparations

• Compost-making

• Working with the biodynamic planting calendar

• Deepening your relationship to the Earth through meditation and ceremony

• Building community with well-proven love-based and conflict-resolution practices

• Spending time with a shaman who will explain how he works with the landscape and unseen beings.

• Nutritional biodynamic/organic meals……and detoxification if desired

In the afternoons, there will be two hours of lectures and discussion about the Biodynamic preparations, the nature spirits, community-building, planting by the moon as she travels through the zodiac, nutrition, and following one’s destiny path. Those gathered will collaboratively decide which topics will have the longest sessions.

The evenings will be free to watch movies about Biodynamics, have discussions on life/all topics, have bonfires and consider an optional sweat lodge. Those wishing private time are free to choose this.


With only 15 openings, each student will benefit from much attention from the four of us.

The cost of the program is $700 for foreigners and $400 for Ecuadorian nationals.

Please send a deposit of $250 to Walter Moora by Dec. 1 to paypal at waltermoora@gmail.com or a check to Walter Moora at 609 N Lincoln Street, Elkhorn. Wi. 53121

Balance payable in cash in Ecuador at the start of the conference.

For folks who live in Ecuador, please register directly with Walter at waltermoora@gmail.com or arrange to pay through Paypal.

Testimonials from past students

From Ashly Hain….“The workshop was definitely a turning point in my life, and I am forever grateful to have been a part of such an enlivening and enriching experience.”

From Chimene Hickey…. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the knowledge that I gained in the Biodynamic course and experience I had at Sacred Land Farm (Finca Sagrada). It has already made a profound impact on my life.”

From Joseph DiStefeno….“Walter’s Biodynamic workshop is a lesson in the beautiful role we human beings must play in stewarding the earth, and one another. Throughout the workshop, Walter created the time and space for me to explore the unique and meaningful ways in which I can make lasting contributions to the world.”

For more information, visit www.fincasagrada.com


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