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Private Healing with Bonpo, Dhan B Lama (Gyaba)

March 16, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
CSS Guerneville
13550 Church St.
Valerie Hausmann

The Himalayan Bon Healing has been practiced in the Himalayas from the beginning of time.  Until 1960, When Western Medical system was first introduced in Nepal, the Himalayan Bon healing had been the only healthcare system in the Himalayas.  Still today, majority of the native Himalayan peoples prefer Bon Healing to modern medical system, especially among the older population.  Time tested for thousands of years and directly connected to invisible force of the universe, there is no spiritual force more powerful than the Bonpo's healing.  The healers of the Himalayas are known as Bonpo, a revered and honorary title in the native Tamang language for a healer who is endowed with an ability to see life-force beyond the physical body, and who strengthen this force to its optimum by cleansing impurities and empowering it with celestial energies.  Renowned for their extraordinary healing power, the Bonpo healers are the avatars, the spiritual doctors, endow with pure, untainted and infallible spiritual forces who, out of compassion, take birth as ordinary humans to heal the world.  This presentation will take you back to the beginning of time, origin of Bonpos and their healing and to a new insight into life and health.



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