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Interior Alchemy Psychic Development Workshop

December 6, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
CSS Guerneville
13550 Church St
Guerneville, CA 95446
Sliding Scale
Valerie Hausmann

Interior Alchemy Psychic Development Workshop:

Facilitator: DeeDee Freeman

Attendee limit: 10

Donation: $5-$10 sliding scale

The “hypnogogic” state, that dreamy place between sleep and wakefulness, has been called many things: gnosis, trance, attunement, path working, non-ordinary reality, the astral plane, lucid dreaming, meditation, self-hypnosis, etc…

Whatever one calls this state of consciousness, it is the doorway to our intuitive, higher self.


Once we learn how go there, the possibilities are endless!!


Building off of the information covered in 11/8/17 workshop, we will:

-Discuss importance of emotional awareness and the ability to focus our thoughts

-Explore “chaos magick” and the “Law of Attraction”

-Learn the psychology behind rituals and altars

-Create a sigil, “virtual” altar/temple and personal ritual for entering altered states

-Experience various types of altered states ranging from light trance to yoga nidra


Please bring:

A journal to record your experiences

A personal item to place on the altar

A blanket, yoga mat and pillow (for yoga nidra)

An eye pillow or bandana


DeeDee Freeman is a certified hypnotherapist, hermeticist, spiritualist minister and shamanic practitioner. She is a regular host, speaker and healer at Celebrate Life! Progressive Spiritualist Community, teaches psychic development and leads energy healing and shamanic journey circles in San Francisco and Prescott AZ.

For more information about DeeDee and her practice, please visit:

Interior Alchemy- The Journey Within

Mountain Spirit Co-op

San Francisco Psychic Fair


To RSVP please email her at DeeDee.Interior.Alchemy@gmail.com





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