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Free Yoga Nidra Workshop Featuring The Science of Self-Healing

August 17, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
CSS Guerneville
13550 Church St
Guerneville, CA 95446
Valerie Hausmann
707-604-7362 Center


Featuring The Science of Self-Healing
We all have the abilityto heal ourselves.
How do we actually do it?
Learn about Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation and
techniques that offer personal skills to heal mind
and body and help you to enjoy physical and
mental wellness on a daily basis.
This two hour workshop includes a 30-minute Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation session and important information about your mind-body connection.
…Release muscle spasms anywhere in your body
…Increase and decrease circulation in your body
…Control bleeding with muscles instead of coagulation
…Stop headaches including migraines
…Replace insomnia with quality sleep
…Eliminate brain fog and improve memory
…Mitigate chronic pain and anxiety/panic attacks
By learning and practicing effective
focusing-of-the-mind techniques along with
Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation and mind-body skills that result in Wellness of Mind and Body!

Thursday August 17th

Center for Sacred Studies
1355o Church Street, Guerneville, California
Everyone attending will receive a FREE Deep Relaxation CD or MP3

Edward Francis Pio is a resident of Pacific Grove, California USA and the founder and Executive Director
of the International Mind Body Institute. He has fifty-one years’ experience teaching medical hypnosis, self-
hypnosis, The Theta Brain Wave Technique, & Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation to health professionals, individuals
and private groups. Over forty thousand students have taken his live or home study courses world-wide including 760 men in Soledad Prison, located in Central California. He has lectured and taught internationally on cruise ships and in Canada, Mexico, China, and Russia.







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