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Community Smoke Offering with Khenpo Ugyen Wangchuk from Bhutan

May 27, 2017 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Center for Sacred Studies Guerneville
13550 Church St
Guerneville, CA 95446
Valerie Hausmann
707-604-7362 Center


Come Join Ven. Khenpo Ugyen Wangchuk

for a Community Smoke offering

Riwo Sangchod

Meet at the Center for Sacred Studies at 9:30am then down to Johnsons’s Beach at the End of Church St.

This ceremony is for the benefit of all in the community and surrounding areas. everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. This is a free event and open to adults and children.
The Community Smoke Offering Riwo Sangchod will be
Performed at the river for the healing of the planet and the benifit of all beings. The entire community is ecouraged to join
We meet at Center for Sacred Studies
13550 Church St Guerneville 9:30am

Riwo Sangchod is an extremely powerful ceremony traditionally practiced in the high himalayas performed to mitigate obstacles, negative karma, and negative influences/circumstances in our lives. Riwo Sangchod restores balance to the elements and heals the earth and all beings.
If you would like to bring an offering please sign up with Valerie

Please bring bags of Fresh cut wet Cedar, Juniper, or Redwood branches.You may also bring fresh or dried flowers
sage, and all non poisonous medicinal plants to offer into the fire.

This ceremony will be performed by Ven. Khenpo Ugyen Wangchuk from Bhutan. This is a Tibetan Buddhist Ceremony.

more info call Valerie 707-604-7362




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