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Earth’s Youth Need You NOW!

Earth Guardians is supporting youth across the planet,
as they step up to claim their place of leadership on climate change!

Please consider donating to Earth Guardians this season in the name of your loved ones.  What better gift to give than hope for a healthy sustainable future.

Young people want to get busy saving the planet, and we can’t disappoint them!

A gift from you would make a huge difference in how we can respond to these kids! We are ready to hire core staff, and begin work on a world-wide social media-like platform that all Earth Guardians can use to build community, share their work, and access tools for action.  We are expanding our fundraising efforts, which will also help us increase grants to youth Crews around the world, and we are growing our membership base to help build momentum toward a more just future for all.

Please consider a timely contribution to help support the work of Earth Guardians.  We cannot grow this movement without you!

In love and solidarity,
The Earth Guardians Team

Donate Now to Support Earth Guardians!




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