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Earth Initiatives : Alliances

Mauli Ola Festival – The Mauli Ola Festival will bring together a global tribe to celebrate, learn and generate new conversations about coffee, human rights, and earth-friendly practices like permaculture and Leave No Trace. See the Mauli Ola Festival Information page.

O.N.E (Organization of Nature Evolutionaries) – a co-operative organization of teachers, practitioners, gardeners, earth stewards, spiritual activists, students and community members who have dedicated themselves to a renewal of kinship with Earth and all her beings. See the O.N.E Information page.

Earth Advocate logo roundSatya Lightworks is a group of revolutionaries, writers, teachers, healers and Earth activists who share a common vision of awakening oneness consciousness through re-kindling ancient wisdom in human hearts. See the Satya Lightworks Information page.

fsgFinca Sagrada (Sacred Land Farm) – Intercultural Biodynamic self-supporting farm family on 15 lower acres with a mountain above,  located near Vilcabamba, which is a destination in southern Ecuador, drawing travelers from around the world. See the Finca Sagrada Information page.

WaterSongLine Council – WaterSongline was founded through the coming forth of a vision of  an international bringing together of all those souls and spirits praying for the healing of our Mother Waters, and working towards a healed earth. See the WaterSongline Council Information page.

4 Elements Earth Education – Four Elements Earth Education, a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization, was founded by Rick Berry to bring the timeless teachings of Grandfather “Stalking Wolf” to children, their families, and communities. See the 4 Elements Earth Education Information page.

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