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Earth Guardians: Youth News You Can Use – MAY 2018 Newsletter

Voice of the Youth
News You Can Use

MAY 2018 NewsLetter

The International Youth Council:
Rising Youth for a Sustainable Future
Launches an  ‘ExSTRAWdinary Art Exhibition’

The Earth Guardians International Youth Council is a group of dedicated youth, from all over the world, trying to protect our planet. They have officially created, and launched, an art campaign to raise awareness about plastics in our ocean, specifically single-use plastic straws. The ‘ExSTRAWdinary Art Exhibit’ is a campaign with the purpose of using many different art mediums to raise awareness about plastics. What is the unifying effect, you might ask? A straw. Every piece of art should include a plastic straw. 
Entries will be accepted until June 3rd, 2018 and then divided into 4 groups: under 12, 12-16, 17-25 and 26+. So, once you finish your work of art, send them to rysecouncil@gmail.com

Winners and prizes will be announced the week of June 4th, 2018!

Find all the details and invitation here.

Crew Spotlights

This spring there are so many wonderful things our Crews are accomplishing in their communities!

Earth Guardians Odisha, India
(pronounced Odessa)

Earth Guardians Odisha, India celebrating the 25th Birthday of Earth Guardians Global Mission!

Earth Guardians Odisha, India has been working hard to organize joint celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Earth Guardians (EG), World Health Day on April 7th and the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Jeevan Rekha Parishad — an EG Odisha ally. Under the guidance of Anwesha Mishra, Earth Guardians Regional Crew Director for India, 30 EG members organized the following activities, amongst many others:

1. The Odisha Crew also held an exhibition on “Healthy Food and Healthy Life,” where 20 city farmers came to speak about organic rooftop gardening. People were educated by Earth Guardian Crew members, along with the farmers, on how to grow organic fruits and vegetables in urban areas. At the event, free organic seeds of different varieties for fruits and vegetables were distributed to people to help them ignite their own urban gardens.

2. As part of their Earth Day celebration, they created a campaign called, “Save the Turtles.” Combining their efforts with kids from Happy Kids School, including children from the slums, they helped hatching sea turtles safely reach the ocean.


Earth Guardians Africa:
Launches Applications for Every African Country


Earth Guardians Africa working together

William Mensa Tsedze, the Regional Crew Director for Earth Guardians Africa, will be launching applications for an Earth Guardains Country Director position for every African country. Mensa and his Crews know it is imperative to interact with as many youth on the continent as possible — working with them at both national and local levels, in schools and communities. Mensa has seen the number of Earth Guardians grow outstandingly in Africa and, therefore, is working to create a stronger support network of local Earth Guardian leaders. The vision of Earth Guardians Africa is to be represented in all African countries by the end of 2020, and to educate and encourage youth and adults to transform the climate crisis into opportunities for African people.

Sustainable Fashion

Earth Guardian Maiya McMonagle wins the 2018 Mercer Innovation Interprise Award  (MIINT)

Earth Guardian and House of Maiya founder, Maiya McMonagle, wins the 2018 MIINT Award. Maiya’s dual passions for design and for the environment have inspired her to advocate for more environmentally conscious practices in the fashion industry.

Using a combination of up-cycled materials and thematic collections, such as her recent Water Protectors line, Maiya is raising awareness about contemporary environmental issues while galvanizing countless other young people through her workshops.

Feel like putting on a film screening in your area?

Check out this short video to learn more about how Earth Guardians is collaborating with the documentary A Quest for Meaning!

Directed by Marc De la Menardiere, A Quest for Meaning is a documentary film about two childhood friends, with varying career paths, who set out on a journey to question the world by talking to some of the world’s greatest thinkers.

50 Simple Ways to cut carbon

-Minimize printing documents from the computer, go paperless!

-Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth or shaving.


Protect Our Earth
Click the link below to see how you and your community or Crew can get involved in our 2018 Spring time
Protect Our Future

How to get Involved
Start a Crew, get involved with Protect Our Future, or simply adopt actions from our 50 Simple Things list. Visit our website at earthguardians.org for more information.

We have been running this organization on a proverbial shoestring for a long time – we cannot grow this movement without you! Thanks to a very generous donor, all gifts up to $50,000 will be matched, so you can double your impact by making a donation now. We at Earth Guardians are clear that assisting youth in their efforts to drive change, in their own wise ways, is the path to true transformation. So, we are scaling our work dramatically, in order to support thousands of Earth Guardians, in more than 40 countries, and across the U.S. We are working to keep up with the wave of young people, along with their families, and their teachers & schools, who are stepping up to lead, to carry us through the storm. Support Youth Activism!






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