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Earth Guardians: Youth News You Can Use – June 2018 Newsletter

Voice of the Youth
News You Can Use

June 2018 NewsLetter

Crew Spotlight
Cowichan Valley, Vancouver B.C. Canada

For Low Tide Day on May 19th, the Cowichan Valley Crew worked with their community to clean up Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada by picking up plastic and debris from the beaches. The trash that they collected will contribute to an art piece on plastic they are working on, which is a win win for the environment!

Sierra Robinson, the leader of the Crew says, “as environmentalists, we often are in charge of cleaning up others messes, so this is our way of showing the impacts of plastic pollution and showing them the problem in a way that is beautiful, inspiring and engaging. Art has a way of touching people’s hearts and sharing a story that sometimes words can’t capture. Our hope is, that with this art piece, we will be able to spread awareness on the issue of single use plastics in our community, and kick off a campaign of refusing plastic products and hopefully start moving towards a cleaner and safer future for all.”

Every Friday from May 19th until World Oceans Day on June 8th, the Cowichan Valley Crew has been gathering with artists, groups of people and multiple organizations to build an art structure. This project was made possible by the Nature Centre and financially funded through Canada Service Grants. They also helped Earth Guardians Salt Spring Island Crew in their event “In Celebration of Food.”

The program cultivated an appreciation of food and some of its fundamental elements: soil, seeds, cover crops, pollinators and home cooking. Sierra led a workshop on cover crops, guiding the students in planting three different cover crops that attract beneficial insects and build soil fertility. With the two Crews coming together, they accomplished some wonderful work!


As you may have heard, our International Youth Council: Rising Youth for a Sustainable Environment (RYSE), is doing a campaign called “ExSTRAWdinary Art Exhibition, RYSE to the Ocean.” Their mission with this campaign is to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the oceans by using artistic expression. Each work of art will feature a single-use plastic straw in effort to raise awareness and unify the Council’s global efforts. If you’d like to get involved, create a piece of art in your favorite medium, include a single-use plastic straw in your artwork and submit to rysecouncil@gmail.com. Find all the details here. Prizes will be announced in July, 2018. Be sure to add #LiquidStache & #StopSucking and have fun with it!

Contact us:
Email rysecouncil@gmail.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ryseinternationalyouth/
Twitter @RYSE_IntYouth
Instagram @ryseinternationalyouthcouncil
Unifyre https://unify.re/exstrawdinary_art?post

Sustainable Fashion

In relation to this campaign raising awareness about plastic pollution, we are celebrating the eco-conscious active-wear company Teeki. They make their clothing out of fabric spun from fibers, which is made out of recycled plastic water bottles. The material is cut, printed and hand sewn into yoga pants, shorts and other various activewear attire. All of their products are made from sustainable or recycled goods, and every pound of Teeki conserves an equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline! Check out this conscious company here.


Are You An Amazon User?

If you are an Amazon user be sure to check out AmazonSmile. It is a website operated by Amazon that has all the same products, prices and shopping features as Amazon.com. So what’s the difference? AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of all eligible products you purchase to a charity of your choice with no additional cost to you.

Want more good news? Earth Guardians is eligible for donation! The next time you decide to go online shopping, visit smile.amazon.com and choose Earth Guardians. Every little bit helps us progress in our mission amplify the voice of youth and protect our Earth!

If you’re feeling generous and want to make a bigger donation, please visit our gofundme at Support Youth Climate Activism.

50 Simple Ways to Cut Carbon

+ Avoid using a clothes dryer and hang your clothes out to dry whenever possible.

+ Choose to shop at local farmers markets. Buy delicious products from your area, rather than those shipped from far off places.



As spring turns to summer, keep your eyes open for the summer’s Protect Our Future focus on the element Water,
launching June 21st, 2018.
How can you support clean and accessible water?

How to get Involved
Start a Crew, get involved with Protect Our Future, or simply adopt actions from our 50 Simple Things list. Visit our website at earthguardians.org for more information.

We have been running this organization on a proverbial shoestring for a long time – we cannot grow this movement without you! Thanks to a very generous donor, all gifts up to $50,000 will be matched, so you can double your impact by making a donation now. We at Earth Guardians are clear that assisting youth in their efforts to drive change, in their own wise ways, is the path to true transformation. So, we are scaling our work dramatically, in order to support thousands of Earth Guardians, in more than 40 countries, and across the U.S. We are working to keep up with the wave of young people, along with their families, and their teachers & schools, who are stepping up to lead, to carry us through the storm. Support Youth Activism!






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