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Earth Guardians: We Can’t Do This Without You!

Dear Earth Guardians Supporter,

We want to thank all of you who have supported Earth Guardians in 2017!  This movement is growing so fast that we need everyone’s help to keep up! First, please forward this email to friends and family whom you think will want to support this growing movement.

Next, for all of you who haven’t had the chance to support this amazing work, WE NEED YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS NOW! 

While we work to build our resources, we need your help to assure we can respond to the youth all over the world who are stepping up to join their peers and make a huge difference for the future!

Here at Earth Guardians we are bursting with the energy of young people, on every continent, who are stepping forward to take action in their communities. 

They are done being “the future”, and are committing to participate in the present to transform their own lives, the earth, and the lives of children to come.  Earth Guardians is thrilled to be able to offer youth a way to act, to speak out, to activate their communities, and to affect a brighter future.  We are captivated by the genius and focused commitment that is blooming out of the school yards, villages, and houses of Nigeria, Togo & Rwanda; Ireland, Norway & Poland; Australia, Bhutan & Malaysia; Mexico, the US & Brazil, among so many more.

Earth Guardians is inspiring, activating, and supporting youth in every latitude, terrain, and climate.

From micro-grants and mentorship, to global community-building, Earth Guardians has been supporting youth action for 25 years. Now, with thousands more young people contacting us, ready to get to work, we are experiencing such a massive surge that we must act quickly to keep up! We are working to grow our team, expand our fundraising efforts, increase grants to youth Crews, and plan for a strong 2018.

There is no question that the time is now, and we must act quickly. Your generosity will help us meet the demand of youth who are stepping up as leaders.

Your year-end gift places you firmly among the vast network of like-minded people who are turning the tide toward a healthier planet, healthier inhabitants, and hope and strength for the future.

Please consider a contribution to help support the work of Earth Guardians, as we further the youth movement toward change. We cannot grow this movement without you!

In love and solidarity,
Tamara Roske, Founder
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Youth Director






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