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Earth Guardians Lesson Plans launch into 20,000+ classrooms this fall

Earth Guardians launches lesson plans in 20,000+ classrooms this fall in partnership with Amplifier and Shepard Fairey



Earth Guardians’ curriculum is launching into 20,000 + classrooms in partnership with Amplifier’s “We The Future”, featuring Earth Guardian’s Youth Director Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, who is one of ten leaders at the forefront of change. These ten leaders are building organizations and movements all across the country. They are are drafting and passing legislation. They are working on climate justice, criminal justice reform, voting rights, immigration justice and immigrant rights, disability justice, gun reform, queer rights, and literacy, and they are changing the world.

Their work is not partisan. It is forming the basis of a new era of human and environmental rights. These icons carry the energy of countless communities and are already showing us a path forward, a way out of this time of uncertainty. These leaders are showing us that the Future is already here, and the work is already happening. It’s time to listen to their voices. Please support and share.

Click this link and donate to the Kickstarter

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Art is a megaphone for important but unheard voices that need amplifying. Art gives us symbols to gather around, builds community, and helps us feel like we’re not alone. Art is a bridge that unites movements under shared values. Art starts conversations. But most important, Art is a COMPASS that points to the future we want to live in.
The art you see here will be distributed to at least 20,000 classrooms nationwide. Images of these young leaders will hang on the walls of schools in every state, and they will come with teaching tools built in collaboration with thousands of educators and hundreds of nonprofits. These messages and their paths to action will be a constant reminder to the kids in these classrooms of who We The Futurealready are, and who they themselves can be.You can purchase and download these inspiring posters that will support our reach into the public school system even farther.



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