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Community Prayer Calls
Jyoti, Darlene Hunter and the Community of the Center of Sacred Studies

These monthly community calls provide the opportunity to connect in real time with Jyoti, Darlene and the staff of Center for sacred Studies to ask questions and interact with others in our community !!

NEXT CALL: 8.23.2017 @ 5pm PST 

A Community Prayer Circle for Peace CALL ~ Stepping into the Light
5th community Prayer call
8.23.2017 @ 5pm PST

We will focus this call as a discussion of the Portal of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7th, the Lion`s Gate of August 8th, through to the Solar Eclipse on August 21st. 

An invitation from Jyoti, regarding this August 21 Eclipse Ceremony: 

Dear Relatives and community,

I just wanted to bring an awareness of this very auspicious moment growing towards the Eclipse on Aug 21st. I have been invited as an elder to the Eclipse Music Festival in Oregon. Below you will see a description of what will be happening there on Aug. 21st around the time of the Eclipse. Please join me in prayer as this moment presents itself!! The times listed below will be those for Oregon. If you live in other places you may want to google to see when it passes over you.

In any case, lets set our intention together and ring this bell!

Here is a short description of the Eclipse Festival Ritual:
Living Village Culture has been invited by Oregon Eclipse to facilitate a Community Eclipse Ritual, on August 21st  in collaboration with representatives from over 28 Indigenous nations from across the globe. The focus of this Ritual is to reawaken care in the hearts and minds of the people, inspiring a life of service in action, and returning the seat of power to the many rather than the few.
We invite you to join us in intentional alignment between 9:36 and 11am pst, with the moment of totality at 10:19am pst. As we approach this tipping point moment in time, we are truly inspired by the powerful potential for all of us to join together in sending a rippling effect for positive change into the field.

9:36 – 10am: Ritual
10-10:36: Silence during totality 
(Full Totality from 10:19-10:21am)
10:36 to 11am : Ritual
Sending my love,

We do hope you can join us in Prayer for both Ceremonies!!
Jyoti & Darlene & the staff of the Center for Sacred Studies



A Community Prayer Circle for Peace – Listening to the Children
4th community Prayer call

Rabbi Batya Friedland, Natem Shuar Uwishin  (Ecuador Elder), Denzal and Cruuz Santana, Dave Room are today the guests of Jyoti & Darlene & the staff of the Center for Sacred Studies.

3rd Community Prayer Call Recording
Shii Tuii a kuna Guenta and Kenneth David Chadbourne are today the guests of Jyoti & Darlene & the staff of the Center for Sacred Studies.


Setting Our Intentions for Our World Work in 2017
2nd community Prayer call
How to stand up for the Earth and how to respond in this moment of crisis is exemplified in the prayer being held at Standing Rock.


How The Election Serves As A Call to Action
1st community Prayer call
One of my teachers said to me once, “When the Higher Self is walking through your life, nothing will make any logical sense.


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This was a very wonderful circle. Please have more. I would love to continue to participate! – Leslie

Blessings for hosting these calls. – Carol

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