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Your Child is invited to the Center for Sacred Studies

Children's stargate 2015 Interior

Children’s Stargate 2015

Children’s Stargate 2016

Children’s Stargate

This magical opportunity for you and your child (children) to enter into a space of self development, awareness, empowerment and observance and development of community growth and practices for four  days of uninterrupted earth ceremony teachings.  

 JULY 31 – AUGUST 3, 2017
at Wildwood Foundation in Guerneville, CA.

Cost for the 4 days: Ages 6-12 $190; Ages 13-17 $345; Parents $375*

*All prices shown may be subject to change

Registration is now open, space is limited. 

For registration and general information contact:

  • Grandma Judy Lay at jlay@nmia.com or call CSS and ask for Valerie 707/604-7362

Children’s Stargate begins on Monday July 31, 2017 in the afternoon (please come early and swim)
and  completes after lunch on Thursday the 3th of August!

LAST YEAR – Children’s Stargate 2016  THEME was the “Teachings of the Medicine Wheel”

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient way of finding balance, healing and learning about ourselves and all of life. The Four Directions, as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth and Great Spirit are the foundation of the Medicine Wheel. As we circle this Sacred Hoop, just as the sun circles the earth, we learn the teachings of each direction, the elements, the animals, the medicine plants and minerals.

On Thursday the 3th of August, the children will bring those messages and instructions back to the community. We invite our Parents to stay and participate in the “in-between times,” especially if your child is younger. When you aren’t scooping up children from the lodge or helping with bedtimes, you may have some relaxing time by the pool, meditating, walking on the land… Come Participate!


Darlene Hunter, CSS Chief Executive Officer, CSS Minister, Certified Maitri Breathworker. As a Minister and co-creator of the Ministerial Training Program, and Instructor for the Stargate Mystery School, Darlene provides individual and group ministry to support awakening by holding prayer ceremonies to bring people in direct contact with the Divine. She travels internationally to cultivate unity and develops community growth and support by sharing of resources, knowledge and prayer dedicated to the next 7 generations. Darlene has been facilitating Children’s Stargate in California and in the Czech Republic since 1998.

Trish Noble, Stargate Mystery School and Childrens Stargate Program co-facilitator, Maitri Certified Breathworker, Certified ‘Sundoor’ Firewalk Instructor. Trish has been involved in the CSS and Kayumari Community since 2003 when spirit guided her to the sacred land and home place of her native Mi Wuk husband and children’s ancestors in Columbia, CA, the birthplace of the Kayumari Community. Since 2007 Trish has been on the staff at CSS and has served on the CSS Board of Directors.


We have been blessed with many wonderful people who dedicate their time, plane tickets & Love these last years:

Grandmother Judy, Elders: Mary Alice & Arianna, Cyndee, Nathan, & Liz! More are joining this year!


Participate by sponsoring a child  AND supporting CSS. Donate here :


Scholarship for Children’s Stargate

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Note: If you are interested to make a donation for sponsorship and need more information about the Children’s Stargate Program see the Children’s Stargate Information page or get in touch with Valerie Hausmann at  css.valeriehausmann@gmail.com or call her at (707) 604-7362. Thank you!

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