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Center For Sacred Studies Fiscal Sponsorships : Camp for Peace Liberia

The purpose of this campaign is to allow 30 former child soldiers to attend a 1 year residential training program.  This is $1100 per child and includes food, housing and all school expenses.

The Camp for Peace Liberia is founded by a former child soldier, Abel Learwellie, who has seen much suffering and pain of those recruited and made to commit atrocities under the influence of drugs and other bad substances.

December 2016 Graduating Class


Overview of Rehabilitation Program of Former Child Soldiers:



The overall goal of this project is to rehabilitate 5,000 former child soldiers, ex-combatants and other vulnerable youth through vocational education to full economic and social participation, transforming them from an ongoing challenge into a considerable asset to their communities.

Camp for Peace wants to extend thanks to its partners and friends in the US and Canada for helping to send our youth to school. It is our anticipated that this collaborative effort will yield more results in providing peace, security, justice and reconciliation in Liberia.



The National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) captured me as child soldier at the age of 12 and my parents were killed right before  my eyes. This really got me angry and  wanted to revenge on everyone who came on my way. I missed my parents so much and I got traumatized and felt that there was no hope for me. I got involved with drugs and alcohol. But after going through series of trauma healing training, I finally decided to go to school to acquire skills to help my community and myself. Thanks to all our sponsor for making me human being again. – Pewee Flomo.

“There are times in our lives when we meet really remarkable people who walk in humility and inspire all of us to make the world a better place. Abel is one such person.  A teacher and advocate for social justice, moved to action by his own personal story that touches the world we live in now. We are honored to be able to support his amazing work to rehabilitate former child soldiers through this crowdfunding campaign.” – Darlene Hunter CSS Executive Director

About Camp for Peace Liberia

Camp for Peace Liberia is a non-profit organisation working with young people to promote sustainable peace and development. It was established in 2005 by its founder, B. Abel Learwellie and other child soldiers while pursing degrees at the University of Liberia. It mainly works in the regions of Montserrado, Margibi, Bong and Lofa. . It is a fully registered non-for-profit NGO – Government of Liberia registration number MPEA/NGO/AC#1036.

From their experiences as former abductees and orphans – many of whom lost immediate and extended family members, friends and neighbors and suffered displacement – led them to commit to the ongoing and unmet needs of former child soldiers and ex-combatants as well as other youths that were equally affected by the war.

At Camp for Peace Liberia, we have formally prepared ourselves as educators, human rights activists, medical officers, administrators, environmentalists, and in other professional fields through university education and work experience. This enabled us to organize this organization to carter to marginalized and other war affected youths.

Camp for Peace Liberia works to rehabilitate, reintegrate and empower those impacted by conflict and HIV/AIDS in Liberia. CFP-Liberia has been doing this through livelihood support programs, camping program, education, vocational training, peace building, and health, agriculture and human rights activities.

Camp for Peace Liberia believes that former child soldiers can work themselves out of poverty with dignity if they are not treated as an object but as a subject. Therefore we use multiplicity strategies to combat unemployment by addressing the challenges and reality of life faced by former child soldiers since we know that children born in these situations are not their own making but caught up in the situation.

The overall, long-term development goal of this project is ultimately to rehabilitate 5,000 former child soldiers, ex-combatants and other vulnerable youth through vocational education four counties of Liberia; Montserrado, Margibi, Bong and Lofa to full economic and social participation, transforming them from an ongoing challenge into a considerable asset to their communities.

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There are still 16 students in need of sponsors.
For 2017 to sponsor 30 Child Soldiers is $33,000.
It is $1,100.00 a year to sponsor one Child Soldier !!

For more info about the donations, call CSS and ask for Valerie 707/604-7362 or send an email at css.valeriehausmann@gmail.com.

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