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Calixto Suarez back to California

Dear ones,
We are grateful for the opportunity to bring our Arhuaco brother and teacher Calixto Suarez back to California this year from the Sierra Nevada mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia!
This year’s visit is a platform for Calixto to:
– Share his timely teachings about cultivating self-knowledge and inner peace with local communities
– Raise awareness and funds for his Ancestral Land Recovery Mission for the Arhuaco and their sister tribes
– Connect with local Indigenous leaders to discuss sacred site preservation and offer mutual support
– Make important spiritual payments and offerings at sacred sites in the Bay Area
Please help us make this meaningful work possible by:
– Donating to our fundraising campaign (link below)  
– Spreading the word by sharing the campaign with your networks and followings via email and/or Facebook
For more information:
Link to webpage with information about the California events:https://tinyurl.com/seed-of-our-spirit
Link to learn about the Arhuaco people and their Ancestral Land Recovery Mission: http://www.calixtosuarez.com/language/en/home-en/
Deep gratitude for your support…it takes a village to transform the world! 
Eva & Asher



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