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Big Win for Colorado Youth in Court

Colorado Youth Win in Court!

Colorado State Appeals Court Agrees with Earth Guardians Youth, COGCC Must Regulate Oil & Gas to Protect Our Health

After more than three years in court, six young Earth Guardians won their appeals case and elevated protection of Coloradan’s health and the environment above the oil & gas industry’s business interests.

Colorado has more than 50,000 wells, including thousands near Denver and other major cities. Since its inception, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) has simply been a mouthpiece for the oil & gas industry. Well pads have been constructed close to homes, hospitals, and schools and leukemia rates have been on the rise. The fact that the courts sided with the youth is a huge step in the right direction.

The fight isn’t over — Earth Guardians is still fighting for the rights for communities to ban fracking. The state of Colorado has taken legal action against communities that have done so, but grassroots community groups refuse to allow their land and their health to be compromised. From our backyard to Denton, TX to the gas fields of Pennsylvania, the fight continues and we will be there.

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Taking the Fight to the Trump Administration

Six Earth Guardians are also plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by Our Children’s Trust against the federal government. These young leaders claim that there is a “public trust” obligation by the government under the constitution to take necessary measures to protect the climate. The Federal judge overseeing the case agreed – ruling that they were entitled under the Fifth Amendment to a trial to decide if the government failed in that duty.

Trump’s Administration is trying to get the judge to dismiss the case, but our youth will not be silenced! We need you to stand up for climate justice and reject the anti-science policy that is being pushed into law.

Sign our pledge to be a climate leader and we will deliver a strong message to Congress the day after the People’s Climate March. If our elected officials refuse to act, we will take leadership on climate change. It is people power that will make a difference as we work towards a just, sustainable future.

Onwards and Upwards,
Christian with Earth Guardians




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