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Earth Advocate Apprenticeship: Becoming Ambassadors for the New Earth

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Announcing Earth Advocate: A Year-long Course in Spiritual Activism

This course meets a total of ten, 2-day weekends for over 160 hours of instruction and certification as an Earth Advocate.

We will be exploring topics such as walking the path of the heart, grief tending, decolonizing spirituality, being in right relationship with yourself and others, satyagraha (the direct action of being love in the face of challenge/oppression), and more. In order to create a compass for authentically exploring these topics from a place of wholeness, we will be exploring our own multidimensionality and accessing dimensions beyond the physical earth plane through working closely with guides from the worlds of plant, animal, devic, elemental and more. Each weekend will be within the context of a ‘plant diet,’ or ingesting ceremonially prepared medicine from common, safe herbs. We will learn advanced healing techniques including DNA Activation, transmutation, astral navigation, kundalini and ka activation, ancestral healing, dimensional healing, soul retrieval and more.

This course is for people who:

Are spiritual activists, who work towards creating social justice and Earth justice, who also have a transcendent spiritual perspective
Have a a highly developed ethical consciousness and are devoted to practicing love, forgiveness and compassion
Are interested in continually breaking down their own ego distortions and challenging themselves
Are experienced with shamanic journeying and working in altered states of consciousness/navigating other realms
Believe they are here to help create and implement a new paradigm
Can integrate this work into a professional healing practice, Earth healing practice, permaculture practice, or are otherwise interested in taking it to the world

Students will learn how to:

Collectively recover from human isolationism through becoming intimate allies with myriad forms of benevolent nonhuman consciousness
Devote ourselves to deep listening, healing and Earth service through walking the path of the heart (acceptance, forgiveness, compassion)
Address, actively grieve and heal deep wounds created by the illusion of separation, in a safe, ceremonial space
Activate our multidimensional consciousness by learning to see other as self
Become active facilitators of these practices in others

For more info, visit www.satyalightworks.com

***Our early bird price ends March 1, and we only have ten spaces left. To arrange an interview and register, call 510-684-8453 or email bethisbeth@gmail.com

Love and Blessings,
707 483 5728

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Join us as we Bless The Water

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 5.53.54 PMLet’s appreciate the Water of the World!

Join us as we Bless The Water

On the coming Equinox, Saturday March 19th, as part of World Water Day,   we invite you to join us and hundreds of other events around the Planet in a Global Synchronized Meditation and Water Blessing.

At 5pm Pacific/ 12am GMT the #BlessTheWater campaign will culminate in a global event anchored on the the banks of the Ganges River in Rishikesh, India and the Free online premiere of the new UPLIFT film ‘Water is Sacred’


How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change

Dear Friends,

We are supporting Josh Fox in his goal to raise $100,000 to bring , How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change, to 100 cities and towns facing the threat of fracking. He’s doing this in order to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and ACTIVATE those communities towards resisting the bully tactics of the gas & oil industry. This grassroots tour will to empower people all over the country to fight back against the oil & gas industry threatening our precious planet.

Even more importantly, there is a MATCHING DONOR, doubling YOUR donation, and matching up to $5000 through the end of Friday. We have given, so will you join us to ‪#‎LETGOANDLOVE‬?

You can find Josh’s campaign by visiting bit.ly/letgoandlove. ANY dollar amount helps and of course, spreading the word about our campaign on social media is how we’re going to reach our goal of $100K for 100 cities. Your support is amazing and we appreciate you helping me, helping US, and helping Josh keep the momentum going on this incredible film.

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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ~ Planetary Heart Meditation

James Twyman Logo
10 Million People Have Already Registered
The Planetary Heart Meditation
If Planet Earth is our Mother,
India is her heart
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This Video Will Change The World

Ten Million People Have Already Registered
On March 11, 12 and 13, James Twyman and Unify.org will join 3.5 million people gathered in New Delhi, India during the World Culture Festival to focus one of the largest synchronized meditations in history. Our goal is 100 million people sending their healing energy to heal the planet. If Planet Earth is our mother, then India is her heart. The Planetary Heart Meditation is meant to radiate a pulse of light that is so powerful that Gaia Herself responds.

Last month James Twyman, members of the Abrahamic Reunion, and other dedicated pilgrims, were on the border of Syria while millions of people sent their energy to those suffering from terrorism and violence. Ten days later, after three and a half years of civil war, a cease fire was agreed to. Is it possible that massive numbers of people focusing their energy on a situation of world crisis actually helps shift the energy of that crisis? We believe it is, and we hope to prove it once again.

Our goal is to gather millions of people together who are ready at any given moment to meditate for peace when a world crisis arises. This is your chance to be part of a peace movement that does more than just hope for change. We CREATE IT. At noon for each local time zone, March 11, 12 and 13, we are asking people to stop and meditate for the healing of Mother Earth, sending your energy to Mother India. James and the millions gathered there will be like a lightning rod receiving the energy and sending it into the Earth.


Please Register at:


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A Letter From Peace Troubadour James Twyman

The inspiration to focus a major worldwide synchronized meditation for Syria hit me like a bolt of lightning. I was driving near my home in Portland, Oregon, and when the inspiration hit, the jolt of energy nearly forced me to lose control of my car – literally.

You need to understand what led up to that moment to understand just how momentous it was.

Ten years earlier, almost to the day, my former wife Linda was murdered in Evanston, Illinois, just weeks before joining me and our daughter Angela in Oregon. It was the kind of emotional blow you wonder if you’ll ever recover from, and in many ways you never do. I had already focused many worldwide meditations from places like Bosnia, Iraq, Northern Ireland and South Africa, often while wars raged in those countries, but now everything was different. Though I felt protected on all of these peace missions, I always knew Linda would be there for our daughter is anything happened to me. Suddenly that wasn’t true. Weeks after her mother’s death, Angela asked me to stop traveling to such dangerous countries, and of course I agreed.

I hadn’t been to a country at war since Linda was killed, so when I felt the sudden overwhelming urge to travel to Syria and perform the Muslim, Jewish and Christian Peace Prayers within sight of an ISIS held village, it struck me as impossible. I had made a promise and I had to keep it, especially now that Angela made me a grandfather eight months earlier.

I wrestled with the inspiration for days, wondering if I should force it to the back of my mind or actually follow the direction it led, regardless of the cost. The harder I pushed the more determined the voice became. “This is what you were born to do, and it’s time to get back to work.” I spoke to Angela later that day and explained what I was feeling, and she immediately understood. I’m not saying she was in favor of the journey, but she knew how important it was for me to follow the path of The Peace Troubadour.

My original plan was to enter Syria through Turkey. The Kurdish region was the safest path for me if I wanted to get close to ISIS. Being allies of the US, I was relatively confident that I would be out of harm’s way, but there were no guarantees. That was about the time the story of my journey broke in the media. I was receiving interview requests every day from newspapers, television networks and even Fox News. One day a camera crew showed up at my daughter’s house, and that was when it became very real for her. Suddenly I was the subject of profound admiration, criticism and ridicule. Even Bill Maher took shots at me.

Suddenly everyone was talking about the power of prayer and meditation, especially when millions of people are focused on a single world crisis. Scientific studies had already proven that focused, affirmative prayer had the ability to shift crime rates, terrorist attacks and even wars. I had seen it many times before. In 1998 I was invited by Saddam Hussein to perform The Peace Concert in Iraq at the same time the US and its allies were preparing to resume military action against the government, and while millions of people focused their energy on a peaceful solution, an agreement was signed against all odds. It happened many times after that, and I soon realized that synchronized meditation and prayer are not only powerful, but perhaps the most powerful force on the planet.

The date of February 1st was chosen for the Syrian and ISIS meditation because it coincided with the United Nations Religious Harmony Week. Millions of people were already on board to join in meditation on that day, and we could feel the energy, and the pressure, building. I had received dozens of death threats, hundreds of violent emails, and several calls from the State Department. In fact, on nearly every flight I boarded or exited, I was greeted by very official looking federal officers who were more than curious about my journey. It felt like I was under a microscope, and considering the journey was less about me and more about the millions of people who were about to join me in prayer, I was happy to finally arrive in Israel.

Plans were shifting nearly every day. When I heard that a group of religious leaders from The Abrahamic Reunion, an organization run out of Jerusalem, was interested in joining me, we decided that instead of going directly into Syria, we would meet in a Syrian village controlled by Israel in the disputed Golan Heights. From there we would be able to literally look upon the battlefield while remaining beyond the range of terrorist weapons. I was joined by nine very brave people from around the world, all of whom where as committed to this vision as I was. Early in the morning on Monday, February 1 the group of pilgrims and religious leaders boarded the bus and we headed toward the Golan Heights.

The village of Majdal Shams is a Syrian village. During the 1967 war between Israel and other Arab countries, Israel captured and controlled the area, though it retained its ties to Syria. It was the perfect place for us to gather, on a hill overlooking an area under constant military threat. We arrived to the news that a battle had been raging all day, but had suddenly stopped before we arrived. We set up the peace pole that had been donated by the World Peace Prayer Society and gathered for the meditation. After the Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders shared prayers and chants, the fifteen minutes of silence began. We knew that there were millions of people from around the world joining us, and it felt almost as if it was raining prayers of peace. The silence was overwhelming. I looked around at the one hundred or more that were gathered there and was filled with such a feeling of love. I could also feel Linda there with us, as if she was smiling on the whole journey. I knew that the inspiration I said YES to was bigger than anything I could understand with my mind, and yet my soul fully understood.

I was watching my phone and the instant the clock struck fifteen minutes something incredible happened. We had been told that there were several packs of wolves in the area, and when I heard the first howl it filled me with an energy I can’t explain. Then a second joined the first, and within seconds the entire pack, which couldn’t have been more than a few hundred feet away from us, lifted like a choir of cleansing light. It was as if they were witnessing a momentous and important moment in history – the moment we realized our collective power to create the world we have always envisioned. Millions of people were with us, and though we were the only ones who could hear the choir of wolves, we knew they were meant for all of humanity.

Ten days later in Munich, Germany, diplomats from the United States, Russia and other countries signed an agreement to cease the violence and allow humanitarian aid to flow to the starving people of Syria. Though the agreement is already being challenged, at least now we know that there is a solution that has nothing to do with governments or armies, but an Army of Light that is poised to assert the Power of Love. The moment has finally come for us to reclaim our Divine Inheritance.

James Twyman


Camp for Peace Liberia ~ HELP Rehabilitate 25 FORMER CHILD SOLDIERS!!

Center for Sacred Studies’s Fundraiser Camp for Peace Liberia,


The purpose of this campaign is to allow 25 former child  soldiers to attend a 1 year residential training program.

The Center for Sacred Studies serves as the fiscal sponsor of  CFP-Liberia, supporting
their work in being catalysts for Peace, Hope  and Social Justice.

Overview of Rehabilitation Program of Former Child Soldiers by B. Abel Learwellie

The National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) captured me as child  soldier at
the age of 12 and my parents were killed right before  my  eyes. This really got
me angry and  wanted to revenge on everyone who  came on my way. I missed my parents
so much and I got traumatized and  felt that there was no hope for me. I got involved
with drugs and  alcohol. But after going through series of trauma healing training,
I  finally decided to go to school to acquire skills to help my community  and myself.
Thanks to all our sponsor for making me human being again“.  (Pewee Flomo).

Yes friends, these atrocities are part of many a young child’s life  in Liberia.
The purpose of this campaign is to allow 30 former child  soldiers to attend a
1 year residential training program. This is $1000  per child and includes food,
housing and all school expenses.

The Camp for Peace Liberia is founded by a former child soldier, Abel  Learwellie, who has seen much suffering and pain of those recruited and  made to commit atrocities under the influence of drugs and other bad  substances.

The overall goal of this project is to rehabilitate 5,000 former  child soldiers, ex-combatants and other vulnerable youth through  vocational education to full economic and social participation,  transforming them from an ongoing challenge into a considerable asset to  their communities.

Camp for Peace wants to extend thanks to its partners and friends in  the US and Canada for helping to send our youth to school. It is our  anticipated that this collaborative effort will yield more results in  providing peace, security, justice and reconciliation in Liberia.

Camp for Peace – Liberia (CFP-Liberia)

Abel is the Founder and Executive Director of (CFP-Liberia), a non-profit organization working with  war-affected youth to promote sustainable peace and development. CFP-Liberia works to rehabilitate, reintegrate and empower those impacted by conflict and HIV/Aids in Liberia.

The long-term development goal is to rehabilitate 5,000 former child soldiers, ex-combatants and other vulnerable youth through vocational education in four counties of Liberia: Montserrado, Margibi, Bong and Lofa. Working with groups of 50 in a 9 month residential training program that offers vocational education and psychosocial support, these young people become considerable assets to their communities.


Apart from being a former child soldier,  I have become a teacher and an Advocate for social justice.  These are some of the greatest testimonies and achievement  in my personal journey as I am being transformed from tragedy to transformation.
– Abel

Social Justice & Peace Building

Abel has been invited to the United States to launch a civil society report to the United Nations Peacebuilding Architecture Review Panel that he helped to create  through his experiences in communities impacted by the UN’s peace building efforts.

He has been working in partnership with the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC is an international NGO engaged in peacebuilding activities based in The Hague, Netherlands), and the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO in  New York) and the PeaceBuilding office in Liberia.

Ebola Awareness Program

The objective of this program is to provide education and awareness among local  population in rural communities in Montserrado County, Liberia.


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