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Earth Guardians: Happy Spring, Let’s Protect Our Soil!




Hey Tribe,

For many of you, spring has sprung and we are excited to start another year of Protect Our Future actions! This campaign provides an opportunity for young people to see what other Earth Guardians all over the world are doing, and to come together to learn how environmental issues affect communities differently and how these issues are all connected. This spring campaign is dedicated to protecting the earth and soil – through tree plantings, carbon sequestration, and plenty of other fun events that celebrate the soil that is so very important to our climate and way of life.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Protect Our Future campaign, it’s a coming together of all of our Earth Guardians from around the world for four unified global actions and a movement of solidarity. Around each equinox and solstice, we plan events to protect the earth, air, water, and climate. Our campaign is unique because YOU get to choose what kind of project will best serve the needs of your community.

Are you and/or your crew interested in taking action? Sign up here or read more here.


Xiuhtezcatl & the Earth Guardians Tribe: Activating Our 2016 RYSE Youth Council!


Our young leaders are ready to roll!

We are proud to announce that we have selected 15 amazing youth leaders to fill leadership roles on our 2016 RYSE Youth Council. RYSE – Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth, is our youth-led campaign to train and empower young leaders in the climate movement. Last year, our youth council trained peers in Colorado, New York, California, and Paris during the UN climate talks. This year, we are aiming to train and empower 700 more youth leaders to activate grassroots solutions in their communities!

We are hosting our 2016 RYSE Youth Council Training in the beginning of April at the Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado. Our group is excited to come together to learn, bond, and prepare for an amazing year of youth leadership! Below, you can find ways to help manifest this training into reality.

With Gratitude,
Xiuhtezcatl & the Earth Guardians Tribe



Blessings to Unci Beatrice on Her Journey

Dear Ones,

It is with a heavy heart that we share that our beautiful Unci Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance – Weasel Bear, flew home at 10:05 pm on March 18th surrounded by family and so many prayers. She is in peace and with her relatives now.

Jyoti and I were able to see her that weekend before her passing, spending some very precious time with her.
We brought her love from all of you, our big family.
She was happy to hear of your love and prayers.
We spoke together of all the places she was able to visit; all those that she was able to touch; and the prayers she was able to carry around the world. She was just grateful to have traveled on this journey with all of us and was encouraging us all to continue on!







As a woman who walked with a Pipe, she always told us that her path had to be one of Peace. In her heart she carried a prayer that the Black Hills would be returned to her People and that the Papal Bulls would be rescinded. She felt that these actions would bring a healing to all of us, right a wrong and bring balance back to the Earth once again. She was passionate about this and spoke out about it everywhere she was called. She added her prayers to the many that came together at the Unity Concert; a concert of prayer for the Black Hills and the honoring of all sacred sites globally. In her last days, she carried this message forward in the initiative called the Long March to Rome. In early May, many indigenous leaders and spiritual teachers will gather in Florence and then travel on to Rome to carry this petition to the Vatican. Grandmother Beatrice’s daughter, Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook, will be traveling with Barbara Dull Knife to continue this walk in the Spirit of Grandmother Beatrice.

We continue to send prayers and condolences. It can be a difficult time for those that are left behind. We are asking you to share with your communities, so that we can hold a wider circle of prayer to surround her family as we celebrate her life and the many gifts she brought to us.

The family plans to have a viewing beginning Tuesday afternoon and continuing through the night so those can come and sit with her. They will be holding a NAC prayer service on Wednesday into Thursday morning; then the funeral at 10am Thursday followed by her last feast and Give-Away at Rene Hall in Oglala. Many have asked what you can do. If your heart wishes, you may send monetary assistance to: Antonia Loretta Cook, 401 Mears Street, Chadron, NE 69337. In order to receive funds quickly – you may send funds through WalMart MoneyGram to Antonia Loretta Cook as well. Your donations will go towards these ceremonies, as well as things that need to be done to complete her walk in a good way.

We loved her dearly. Her wisdom lives on through each of us, as her words continue to inspire us.  We are grateful to have walked as one family on this road for Peace Amongst All People.  She led the way and now has asked us to “Carry On”.

We give thanks to each of you for your prayers. They are so powerful.
Blessings to Unci Beatrice on her journey.
Let us take a moment on our knees to offer our prayers for a Life Well Lived.
Jyoti, Darlene and Ann

Apache Springs Family Camp

4EEE Family Earth Skills Weekend Gathering,  May 27-30, 2016
Apache Springs Ranch, Sonoita, Arizona
 In Collaboration with Sacred Wind Earth Teachings

Hello Families,


We are holding our second annual Family Earth Skills Gathering at Apache Spring Ranch, May 27-30, 2016.

We are limiting the enrollment to 25 students and have an early bird $50 per person discount if you sign up by April 1, 2016.

Apache Springs Ranch is a very unique and beautiful site that is a wonderful place for folks of all ages to deeply connection with nature. At 5000 feet elevation the Ranch is boarded by the Santa Rita Mountains and creek canyons.

Juan and Melinda Villarreal with a view of “Sleeping Grandmother” Mountain.

Join us in a journey into wilderness. Where you can let go of time and be in the present moment. Learning the skills to know you are at home in nature is one of the greatest gifts to give yourself and your children.

Families are encouraged to camp out under the stars. The Ranch also has very nice lodging options for those that want to have modern facilities. Please inquire to Apache Springs Ranch for rates with our Family Gathering program.

Thank you,

Rick Berry

4EEE and Fox Walkers: Family Wilderness Early Registration Discount

12821541_1180805201954228_849363218049026366_nHello Families,
A couple of reminders about up coming programs with 4EEE and Fox Walkers.

Summer Wilderness Family early bird discount ends Wednesday March 9th, 2016. http://www.4eee.org/family-youth-and-teen-summer-programs.h…

Save $50 per person if you register before Wednesday is over.

Fox Walkers Spring Break; March 21-25. For ages 7-12 and 13-17. http://www.4eee.org/fox-walkers-spring-break-2016.html
*new teen woodland scout training*

Fox Walkers at Pata Panaka, Tsi-Akim Maidu Village Site
The ancient arts of tracking, wilderness survival, and nature awareness teachings immerse the student into the environment, giving them first-hand experience of how to “read” the health of the landscape as a steward of the Earth. By knowing what our basic needs are we begin to understand what we must preserve and protect in order to sustain the balance of life on our Planet. Through our programs a re-thinking of our relationship to Nature begins to occur; Nature is not simply a “resource” that we control as a product, but a relationship we must cultivate.

We emulate the Indigenous educational model of teaching trust in the Earth. Knowing as a young person that you can trust the Earth, the sun, the place you live creates an entirely different connection to nature. To us a successful person is one who loves their life and has found a way to live their passion and their vision in life while being responsible in keeping our Mother Earth healthy for all life.

Come join us this spring or summer.

Rick and the 4EEE crew

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