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Black Hills Unity Concert 2017

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Open, Accepting Volunteers

Now is the time to come to the Black Hills and pray for Grandmother Earth and all Her Creatures!  Join us for our fourth and final musical celebration on these sacred lands.  We gather in gratitude and hope.

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A Lesson in Empathy From a Child Soldier

A Lesson in Empathy From a Child Soldier

By UPLIFT on Tuesday April 18th, 2017

Preaching Empathy through Music

A Lesson in Empathy From a Child Soldier

Kidnapped at the age of eight, and trained to kill by the age of ten, Emmanuel Jal is a former child soldier for the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.  After a harrowing journey to freedom he’s now living a fresh new life in Canada, sharing the story of his country and preaching empathy through music. He says he always wanted to be part of the solution: “And I believed that I am in this world for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. This past made me stronger.”

“Any human being that doesn’t practice empathy will lead a very empty life, because empathy is what makes us human. It’s like a call to our purpose.

Emmanuel Jal, hip hop artist and former Sudanese child soldier, shares his thoughts about the healing and transformational powers of empathy. And we bring you the best of a panel discussion recorded at the Spirit Festival in Byron Bay, Australia, exploring the meaning of true wellness.

April 18th 2017

About our Guests:

Emmanuel Jal was born into the life of a child solider on an unknown date in the early 1980s in the war-torn region of Southern Sudan. Through unbelievable struggles, Emmanuel managed to survive and go on to emerge as a recording artist, achieving worldwide acclaim for his unique style of hip hop with its message of peace and reconciliation born out of his personal experiences.

On the Panel: UPLIFT’s very own integrative health practitioner, Dr. Oscar Serrallach, psychologist and yoga teacher, Dr. Lauren Tober, Native American Lakota John, healer poet Maha Lakshmi and doctor of Alternative and Chinese medicine Jonathan Dao.

People’s Climate March Youth Convening, April 28: 3-8pm

The People’s Climate March is just one month away. Converging in D.C. across place and intersecting struggles for climate justice, we will have a rare opportunity to engage as youth and students to build relationships and power while strategizing for what comes next.

The day before the march, we’re attending a youth gathering to reground in this political moment, get trained in organizing skills, and join together with climate justice leaders from across the country.

The convening will take place from 3-8pm on Friday, April 28th. The program will include:

– a lineup of amazing speakers
– trainings on organizing skills and movement-building strategy
– opportunities to make connections and share stories
– preparation for the youth block and march on Saturday

Young people have a critical role to play now more than ever in advancing climate justice, and we are ready to show up strong to fight for our futures.

Meanwhile, please pass along the PCM youth convergence RSVP form and Facebook page far and wide to your friends and we can’t wait to see you there!

Big Win for Colorado Youth in Court

Colorado Youth Win in Court!

Colorado State Appeals Court Agrees with Earth Guardians Youth, COGCC Must Regulate Oil & Gas to Protect Our Health

After more than three years in court, six young Earth Guardians won their appeals case and elevated protection of Coloradan’s health and the environment above the oil & gas industry’s business interests.

Colorado has more than 50,000 wells, including thousands near Denver and other major cities. Since its inception, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) has simply been a mouthpiece for the oil & gas industry. Well pads have been constructed close to homes, hospitals, and schools and leukemia rates have been on the rise. The fact that the courts sided with the youth is a huge step in the right direction.

The fight isn’t over — Earth Guardians is still fighting for the rights for communities to ban fracking. The state of Colorado has taken legal action against communities that have done so, but grassroots community groups refuse to allow their land and their health to be compromised. From our backyard to Denton, TX to the gas fields of Pennsylvania, the fight continues and we will be there.

Support Our Fight Against Fracking

Taking the Fight to the Trump Administration

Six Earth Guardians are also plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by Our Children’s Trust against the federal government. These young leaders claim that there is a “public trust” obligation by the government under the constitution to take necessary measures to protect the climate. The Federal judge overseeing the case agreed – ruling that they were entitled under the Fifth Amendment to a trial to decide if the government failed in that duty.

Trump’s Administration is trying to get the judge to dismiss the case, but our youth will not be silenced! We need you to stand up for climate justice and reject the anti-science policy that is being pushed into law.

Sign our pledge to be a climate leader and we will deliver a strong message to Congress the day after the People’s Climate March. If our elected officials refuse to act, we will take leadership on climate change. It is people power that will make a difference as we work towards a just, sustainable future.

Onwards and Upwards,
Christian with Earth Guardians


Listening to the Children

Jyoti, Darlene Hunter and the Community of the Center of Sacred Studies

4th Community Call

Download as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “save as.”

Rabbi Batya Friedland, Natem Shuar Uwishin (Ecuador Elder), Denzal and Cruuz Santana, Dave Room are today the guests of Jyoti & Darlene & the staff of the Center for Sacred Studies.

Dear Community and Relatives,

Below you will see some of the feedback from our last letter sent out. It fills my heart to see how this collaborative initiative for peace is growing! Because we have had many requests to continue our calls during these challenging times, we are setting up another one at 5pm Pacific time on March 20th. We will focus this call as a prayer for the all the Children of World and the Next 7 Generations. We have a couple of surprise guests joining us in this acknowledgement and support for our children. The children, too, are feeling all that is stirring. They, too, are witnessing this high transformation. And they, too, are catching inspirations and guidance.

A well spring of the many is growing, and with it those that are walking in a sacred way to honor and respect others and the Mother Earth.

Let me share here the video of a 9 year old Syrian girl singing for peace.
We do hope you can join us!!

Jyoti & Darlene & the staff of the Center for Sacred Studies

Rabbi Batya Friedland, MA: Akha Children Dream Home Founder/Director



Natem Anank

Dave Room (aka Melia’s Papa). – CEO/BALANCE Edutainment/Pacha’s Pajamas.


  • Rabbi Batya Friedland, MA: Akha Children Dream Home Founder/Director
    “Our Prayers have been heard! We have received Sponsorship for the first 3 children
    to receive education, in their ancient Akha language.”

    Reverend Batya Friedland comes from both Rabbinic and Ger Chassidic lineages, and was ordained as a non-denominational rabbi in 2015. She is Bat Cohen, Bat Levi, and an ordained chaplain, through the White Plum Zen lineage. Her spiritual pursuits began in the Eastern traditions which resulted in a MA in Eastern Classics at St. John’s College, after attending Vassar College. Under the tutelage of keren khaya abrams of the omana’ya center, Batya began studying Tanach (Hebrew Bible) and ceremony intensively in 2009. This led her to studies in Israel.
    The Nahuat Pipiles of El Salvador have also given her the title of sacerdotista.
    Batya has founded a nonprofit, worked with indigenous communities, and youth around the globe. She also speaks Spanish, Mandarin, Hebrew & Thai. Batya is currently in Hawai’i training to be a midwife. A poet, a singer, a dancer, a lover, she is a seeker of truth. www.akhachildrensdreamhome.org

  • Denzal and Cruuz Santana,
    Song and a Prayer for the Children.
    Gifted poets, musicians, artists, & visionaries from the San Francisco Bay Area, actively anchoring in, & transmitting high vibrations, powerful thought forms of peace, love, & harmony to the planet through drum and spoken word. Denzal Santana, vocalist and healer , has studied with curandero’s (shaman healers) of the Peruvian Amazon for over 15 years. His poetry is inspired by his studies in the Amazon, as well as through delving deep, with ancient scriptures of many spiritual traditions including Essene teachings. He has written a poetry book titled “Straight To The Heart Word-Sound And Prayers,” and together with his son Cruuz, they are continuously creating music with djembe drums, improvised poetry, and hand pan drums. Cruuz Santana, widely talented and versatile musician, gifted music producer certified in “Pro Tools”. Cruuz started taking piano lessons at the age of 5. At the age of 7 he studied classical guitar for 6 years with Charles Lloyd vocalist and guitarist for bands, “Cash Pony” and “Whiskerman”. He was active in jazz ensemble, choir, and band throughout high school and college. Cruuz has had the privilege to jam with talented musicians such as “Heather Noel”, “David Kai”, “Al Torre”, “Charles Lloyd”, and “Shimshai,”. Besides drumming with Denzal, he teaches guitar in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Natem Shuar Uwishin (Ecuador Elder)
    Prayer for the Children.
    “Wake up right now – to guide our children before its too late – Now, this generation – this human group energy – each parent guide these children, our children – the future generation. If we don’t give now – tomorrow is too late! Parents – Now before its too late.”
    Natem was raised deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon in the traditional “Shuar of the Sacred Waterfalls” way. He is a Shuar UWISHIN (Traditional Healer) guided by the Great Spirit ARUTAM and the wisdom of his ancestors. In 1991 Natem came to the United States as a member of a band called “Grupo Chaarip” who performed at various international events. Their hope was to generate interest in the Shuar culture and raise awareness about the devastating consequences that over-consumption has on the Amazon rainforest- the lungs of the world. Currently living in the Pacific Northwest, Natem participates in a variety of conferences in the United States and abroad. Depending on the age and interests of the audience, he discusses a wide range of topics including Native, environmental and spiritual perspectives. He believes we must create a human bridge in the world that unites people of all tribes with PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and RESPECT.

  • Dave Room (aka Melia’s Papa).
    CEO/BALANCE Edutainment/Pacha’s Pajamas.
    His tween-age daughter Melia is his motivation and inspiration. Since receiving a B.S. and M.S. in Engineering from Stanford University, Room has worked on the innovative edge of a number of emergent fields including yield management, life cycle costing, environmental performance measurement, intranet development, ecommerce software and renewable energy. In the process, he had leadership roles in several tech startups and a non profit he co-founded called Bay Localize. Several years into Bay Localize, Room realized that their message was not getting to enough young people, people of color and mainstream thinkers, so he added storytelling and solo theater performance to his bag of tricks. Several years later with the intention to uplift tens of millions of children worldwide, Room co-founded BALANCE. Dave is a Green For ALL fellow. Twitter: @meliaspapa

Pacha’s Pajamas.
Pacha needs your help to plant seeds for Youth Leadership!
Pacha is the heroine in an awesome book called Pacha’s Pajamas, which has a great message and cool technology! Pacha wants to support youth in becoming leaders.
Pacha is partnering with the Center for Sacred Studies to get kids involved in positive change in their communities. Pacha needs your help shaping her Youth Leadership Platform and Connected Dance Challenge.
Help Pacha shape the Youth Leadership platform that will motivate kids to get involved in their communities. We are adding a youth leadership module to our augmented reality app that enables youth to self-organize projects and to create challenges. We could use your perspectives and ideas on the user experience.
One to the first challenges will a global dance called the Connected Dance Challenge, that inspires kids across the planet to dance and sing about our connectedness. We did a pilot featuring kids from across the planet including Atlanta, Oakland, Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Togo, and South Africa. We will be calling on children to make a video of themselves doing a simple dance to the chorus of the song We Are ALL Connected. They will start their videos with a statement about something they are grateful for or want to change in their community.
This is an opportunity to help shape an online Youth Leadership Platform that – with your participation – could impact millions of kids. When we thought about voices that we would like to have at the table, this community rises to the top. Pacha needs your perspective and ideas to make sure that her work is spiritually rooted and of the highest of vibration.
We would love your collaboration in shaping this platform and/or seeding the connected dance in your area. If you would like to lend your insight and energy to this work and/or have any questions, please fill out this contact form: https://goo.gl/forms/sshfmpkKXphnMQHe2.
Purchase Pacha’a Pajamas at CSS store link: centerforsacredstudies.org/shop

Below are some of the testimonials received from our last call.

These calls are so important because they help us remember a higher focus and an inner stability that comes by staying connected to Spirit. I take notes from these audios, then I share them in groups I facilitate. I especially appreciated the wisdom from the woman who said “courage is part of who we already are. We have to unlearn Fear.” I needed to hear this. I also appreciate knowing about the Big Dipper Prophecy. Please thank Darlene for her song for me. I sobbed through it; it touched my soul very deeply. Gratefully.- Teresa King in Vermont

Fantastic! thank you for the opportunity to listen, learn & share, all of it was great including the song, the memorial poem, the prophecies & the interactive format & that it took place despite tech & physical challenges ! would appreciate future gatherings.Anonymous

Thank you again, dear Jyoti ,Darlene,and devoted CSS staff. You are providing a safe landing space for our brothers and sisters on the land to share these heart breaking events. I particularly appreciate the encouragement to trust OUR truths, dreams, and prayers- especially those with subtle messages and double meanings. I’ve been reaching deep inside to find something deep and yummy to share. Today, I remembered a song by Rabbi Miriam Maron that touches the marrow in my bones. Called, “Renewal of Strength,” the words say: The Holy One, Blessed be his Name – hides himself…HIDES HIMSELF – IN THE MIDST OF THE OBSTACLE… We are sure being tested, but NOT abandoned! Spirit loves us more than ever. Let us do the same for each other. Aho.- Shirley

Time to hear from Jyoti, Shi Tuii and Ken was valuable. The prophecy timely and important to hear. Thank for this opportunity. – Anonymous

I loved the elders words, however I felt something is missing, like the heart of how we can move forward in these times. I was going to say something about what I had to offer, however my phone connected off and I just took that as a sign it did not need to be shared. – Anonymous

I live in a state (KY) where fear of the current political climate is affecting long term friendships. People are afraid to talk about their political concerns on the phone, read information on line, or watch specific channels like CNN let alone speak out or attend event that have supportive atmospheres. How do I proceed with friendships when there is so much fear? – Karen

Thank you so much for hosting these. It really has made a difference with sharing our love and support in these times of great challenge and shifting. – Kathy

I am inspired by many persuasions. still i feel broken even as an activist. putting one forth in front of the other is becoming more difficult. how DO we all keep going amidst the storm? Thanks. – Marni

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This was a very wonderful circle. Please have more. I would love to continue to participate! – Leslie


Blessings for hosting these calls. – Carol



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