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Feb 25th night- World Yogi Day, Mahasivratri: TIME VORTEX OF ENLIGHTENMENT

Once a year, a powerful time vortex presents itself, whereby we can attain enlightenment with ease. This is the day/night of Mahasivratri. For a yogi/yogini, Mahasivratri is the “Day/Night of Yoga”, the time to transcend, transform, evolve and attain liberation. Mahasivratri has been observed as the single most important vortex of time by both yogis and householders in India for thousands of years. Based on the planetary alignment with Earth and the lunar cycle, this vortex of time holds the objectives of yoga – Spirit having a human experience; liberation from the limits of the mind; and having the grace of Source in our daily realities.

This coming Mahasivratri is the Feb 25th night. The ideal preparation time to begin our own inner journey is on the fullmoon of Feb 10th with each day towards Mahasivratri the journey to be a Yogi.

In practical realities, Mahasivratri offers:

  • An ideal time to detox the body
  • The time to detox the mind – letting go of the past and karmic imprints of limitations
  • An ideal time to create an intent of resolution and a supreme prayer
  • An inspiration to awaken the yogi within
  • A potent time to break free from the stagnancy of life to enable us to more easily evolve into a life more attuned to our higher purpose
  • To awaken to the joyfulness of “Being” a person of higher consciousness and thereby imbibing all the qualities of higher consciousness: abundance, harmony, love and wisdom.

In the Western world it is truly beautiful to witness the growth of yoga as a practice, as an exercise and as a lifestyle itself. A drop of honey will lead to the honey pot. Practicing yoga naturally provides benefits of health and less stress, but beyond it all is the experience of gravitating towards Source, expressed in words such as “freedom”, “oneness”, “bliss”, “inspired”, “in the Now”, and so on. When we go deeper into the science of yoga to understand yoga as a journey through consciousness, we realize that words such as “liberation”’ and “enlightenment” are not distant concepts but an amazing experience we can have in our daily realities. Observing Mahasivratri does ease us into awakening the potential underlying objectives within yoga.

The worship of Lord Siva (known as Lord Shiva in Northern India) is essentially advaita, which means: awakening to the Oneness of Source in who we are and in everything we perceive. “Si” is the Spirit that we are; “Va” is the Goddess, that of experience. Siva is the awakening experience to be the vast void that holds all the universes. This awakening is related to the experience of being the Spirit – the vast Soul that is beyond our “I” identification, Siva. This is the root understanding to Lord Siva, the male and female within each of us. Likewise, “yogi” refers also to the feminine counterpart “yogini”.

In the spiritual depth of India, most yogis who undergo deep tapas (meditative penance) seldom coming out for months at a time, take a break from their meditative state on this one day. These Sages come out to bless humanity during this period of Mahasivratri. For one on the path of yoga, this is the night to experience and actually be the Eternal Yogi.

This day of Mahasivratri is based on the lunar calendar; during this period our consciousness easily condenses into divine awareness. From the yogic perspective, the Moon directly influences the mind and our consciousness. Each month, the new Moon and full Moon energies offer their own unique power as the Earth rotates around the Sun in its oval-shaped orbit through the year. Each day of the Moon cycle holds a specific nature and in the mystical traditions of yoga, each day is attributed to a specific Goddess; each Goddess holds a unique facet of energy based on the Moon phase. Each full Moon and new Moon period holds a specific vortex of energy. New Moons hold the consciousness of Lord Siva, the Spirit experience, while full Moons hold the awareness and the mind, the energies of Lord Vishnu. Every month, there is one Sivaratri – a potent time to meditate and worship deeply, and once a year, the grand Mahasivratri (maha means great) near the new Moon period.

Mahasivratri and Turiya: One of the key observances during the night of Mahasivratri is to stay awake all night. In reality, it is not about being a weekend warrior staying up all night singing, chanting and dancing, but about training ourselves to go beyond the mind and its sleep pattern through meditative practice. At the time vortex of Mahasivratri, we are able to experience the ‘sleepless sleep’ state with less effort.

The many objectives of yoga from the original intent of the Sages unravel with the experience of Turiya and the grace of Mahasivratri.

When we unite the limited mind with Source, we ‘yoke’ the unlimited potential to expand human realities to its mastery, as an artist does while painting.

When we realize that we are the Infinite Spirit dwelling in the body as the “I Am” experience, we are able to attain the highest perspective of realities that surround us and attain the radiance of blissful being.

Upon realizing that our body is a shrine that houses our Soul, well-being as good health flows naturally with us.

Upon climbing above the mind as Spirit having a human experience, we realize the oneness of humanity, oneness of all life, and ourselves as the Oneness that is many. We awaken to the potent Angelic nature of realization to be compassionate.

We are blessed with the attainment of higher consciousness that is causal in abundance, as well as love, inspiration and fulfillment to all our aspirations.

We awaken to the wisdom of karma, dharma and our highest purpose on planet Earth. We become the Angelic beings recreating heaven here on Earth.

When we utilize yoga as a tool to consciousness, we realize that the journey is beyond the mind and the natural states of sleep, being awake and dreaming.

Any higher conscious master of any culture or religion has the ability to bless reality through words and intent. This is because they are in touch with the higher conscious mind that is in union with Source, the mind state of Turiya. In deeper meditation, as we journey through the states of being awake, dreaming and sleeping, we realize each facet of the mind in levels of consciousness. The yogis dive beneath these layers to go beyond the mind, the thought patterns and karmic imprints, to the state of Turiya, the state of sleepless sleep. In the state of Turiya, the yogis climb into timelessness to intensify the “I Am” experience. In Mahasivratri, the key to celebrating Lord Siva is by staying awake all night long to experience the yogic state of the mind, the Turiya. This higher conscious state of Turiya is the hidden experience that we are to be blessed with during Mahasivratri when staying awake through the night singing, meditating or/and chanting.

For more information and guidance please visit www.worldyogiday.org

FB Page for Nandhiji’s guidance through Mahasivratri: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mahashivratri/

Article is from Book: Mastery of Consciousness- Awake the Inner Prophet: Break the limits of mind, body, and circumstances- by Nandhiji.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Mastery-Consciousness-Awaken-Inner-Prophet/dp/1634437217/

Handsigned by Nandhiji: http://www.sensitiveplanet.com/mastery-of-consciousness-teachings/mastery-of-consciousness-book/

About the Author: Nandhiji is a mystic, yogi, visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher. Nandhiji represents the path of the Liberated. Nandhiji shares the rare wisdom and teachings of the seldom revealed source of yogic wisdom of the Siddha Sages, the liberated mystics of South India



AKHA Orphanage

Center For Sacred Studies Fiscal Sponsorship: AKHA Orphanage


Akha Children’s Dream Home

The Akha are an indigenous tribe originally from Tibet who live in small mountain villages. The Akha mainly live in destitute conditions. Deeply caring and loving people, with the basics of life not being met across the board, the first priority for them is the children. When they were asked what would help them, they requested a children’s home. This self-sustaining community establishment will:

  • Provide a safe & nurturing home
  • Healthy meals
  • Access to education
  • Cultural preservation
  • Language study
  • Job & skills development

Our Thailand Director has donated his family’s land and home for this dream to be realized. The goal is to open the orphanage for the first 5 children in 201

It all started when…

May 2016

In the name of friendship, wisdom, and the heart,

I write this letter to you.

I don’t like to make something up. I like to receive. In this way I feel it is coming from something bigger than me, bigger than my life. That is how I’ve made many decisions in my life, and have kept it as a measurement of truth to my movements and actions.

15 years ago I lived in Thailand as a gap year between high school and Vassar. Those close to me have known how it forever impacted my life.

The hilltribes of the north are indigenous tribes at the lowest social and economic rank of the country and region. One of these tribes is called the Akha, originally from Tibet.

From an auspicious meeting in 2002, I have stayed in contact with one of the leaders of the community. After a break in communication (my own denial of my role), in 2015 I asked him what was needed. After many hours he humbly said, well, everything (economic development, food, clothes, shoes, clean water). When prompted, he said the #1 need is food for orphans.

I have just returned from days up in the stunning mountains and hilltribe villages. We spent days discussing all the details. The humility and care is palpable. We have so much to learn from these phenomenal human beings.

Nont and his wife A have offered to build the first stage of the first Akha orphanage and cultural center run by Akha people themselves in Thailand on their land, at their home. This is grassroots in an epic way.  The children will share their kitchen, and can eat with their family.

We will be making annual trips, and you are invited. The opening of the orphanage will be February 2017.

You are welcome to join us in any way you can. Our friends in the Akha hilltribe are grateful.

Please be in touch with how you can join us. Your ideas and presence are deeply welcome. Thank you.

Batya Friedland, MA


Join us in supporting the first Akha initiated, Akha directed

children’s home in Thailand.

In the name of friendship, compassion, and reciprocity,

It is our honor to connect you to the beautiful tribe of the Akha,

who have humbly requested our presence and assistance.

100% of proceeds go directly to the Akha!

The quotient of difference of $10, $20, or $50 from here to an Akha village is astronomical. Our resources mean more than we could have imagined.

Thank you for your donation !!


[Audio Recording] How The Election Serves As A Call to Action

How The Election Serves As A Call to Action

Dear Family, Friends and Community,

One of my teachers said to me once, “When the Higher Self is walking through your life, nothing will make any logical sense.” We are in such a time right now, as we settle into the reality of the outcome of our election. When the results were announced, it was like a shock wave rippled out across the globe. As people began to call in, they were scared, angry, confused, shocked and held every feeling available to us. The shadow of many centuries has become very visible. Now it is time for all those that have been preparing for several decades to step fully into themselves and stay present with this process.

As recently shared by Kaypacha on the Pele Report – The New Paradigm Astrology Cooperative, we are entering an auspicious time. He shares an intention for these times:
“I am no longer addicted to drama.
I am ready for something new.
As I gain my independence,
I am able to build with you.”

I was reminded that in any deep healing there is usually a crisis of healing before health is restored. During a crisis of healing, we must hold our focus. We must stay in the moment bringing our full Presence. We must ground our Light and deepen our prayer. We must trust Creator with our very lives. It is a time when our strength is in our unity. It is in our commitment to the Earth and all Her Peoples. It is staying heart centered and having the courage to embrace the shadow, discovering where it lives in oneself. It is activating the consciousness of forgiveness, knowing that our Love is leading the way and that all is sacred.

My husband, Russ, said, “My search for meaning IS a spiritual endeavor. “Self” and “Other” are the grounds of examination. Seeking for hope, lessons, meaning, purpose, and actions ARE a spiritual response. Tolerance and clear moral and ethical interior define the “line in the sand”. And this clarity, calls for personal and direct responses through mindful actions. We must refuse to become a victim in this great, sometimes confused, country of ours. Seek your inner guidance and ask for wisdom: HOLD the BIG question and WAIT for creator to respond. Times of crisis call forth the greatest wisdom, if we trust and turn inward toward our connection with creation and spirit.”

We are at a very important choice point. Will we join the drama of the shadow or shed our light onto it?
Will we drop into the personal, rather than galvanize the collective souls standing for unity and the sacredness of life?
Will we pray and protect, rather than fight to be right?
Will we stay awake or fall into the sleep and unconscious behaviors we are so angered by?

Those at Standing Rock have lit the fire for our Ancestors.
The Divine has been preparing us all.
We are ready!!
We are here!!
We are a prayer walking!!
Let the healing begin!!!

With love we walk on,
Jyoti, Darlene and the staff of the Center for Sacred Studies

Call Recorded on
Saturday, NOVEMBER 19 at 5:00 pm PST

To access the Audio Recording, click the following link:
http://centerforsacredstudies.org/How The Election Serves As A Call to Action/

If you have any questions, please email us at css.teleseminars@gmail.com.


Mauli Ola Festival


Mauli Ola Festival is a joyful festival celebrating ecology, healing energy, the arts – and of course, farming. Earth-based wisdom keepers, builders, healers and leaders come together and co-create an expression of collective artistry and beauty.

A portion of the festival’s profits will be donated to I Ola Na Aina Momona and the Black Hills Unity Concert.

Transformational Festival in Hawaii

September 21 – 24 at Wood Valley Farm in Hawai`i Island

Special offer, Full Festival Passes are 80% off

Mauli Ola Festival is a joyful festival celebrating ecology, healing energy, the arts – and of course, farming. Earth-based wisdom keepers, builders, healers and leaders come together and co-create an expression of collective artistry and beauty.


Take a stand for bliss and co-create the new culture with us in a sacred way, by securing your ticket to the Mauli Ola Festival.

The Coffee And Human Rights Circle is a The Coffee and Human Rights Circle is a community discussion about how to improve human rights in our industry in the spirit of open dialogue and partnership.

Sponsored by Barista Magazine and Ka`u Specialty LLC, Sunalini Menon, Sarah Allen, Sarah Grant and others will join.

Screening of The Coffee Man Film, about Sasa Sestic’s WBC journey and The Land Of Eb, about Marshallese coffee pickers in Hawaii.

Reserve your ticket now and come celebrate all that makes life beautiful, in celebration and sacred community!

Mauli Ola Festival Performers, Presenters and Instructors
September 21 – 24 at Wood Valley Farm in Hawai`i Island

Youssoupha Sidibe
Jeff Peterson
Dread Ashanti
El Leo
Kalapana Awa Band
Off The Grid
DJ Enata

Sarah Allen
Sunalini Menon
Sarah Grant

Pagan George
Molly Masaoka
Aeo Wildflower

Holly Baade
Momi Aiu
Jasmine Silverstein

Marie Alonzo Snyder

Ian Akahi Masterson
Youssoupha Sidibe

Artizen School
Drake Weinert
Doug Pittman


Earth Guardians Global Crew Call on June 1st


Join Our next Global Crew Call!

Each month, Earth Guardian crews from all over the world come together to connect and collaborate within our global network! After a short break in which we organized a RYSE Youth Council Training and are gearing up for summer actions, we are ready to get back at it! These calls have been incredibly inspiring thus far and we are excited to see the powerful actions that will come from conversations such as these.


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