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April 2018 NewsLetter

Young Artists Doing Positive Things in the World

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman

Zendaya is a 20-year-old, African American actress, singer, dancer, author and activist. She got her start on the Disney Channel when she was thirteen and, ever since, has been seen as a positive influence in the media. She uses her fame to encourage others to make a difference in the world. For example, on her birthday she asked her 49 million instagram followers to help feed 150 school children in developing countries for a year. She’s also raised $50,000 for three South African siblings who lost their parents to AIDS. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Zandaya said, “I don’t just sing, dance, and act because I love it. You have to have a purpose and mine is to connect with the world, to get across messages that are important. I’d much rather be known for leaving a little stamp of positivity on one person’s life than for the last project that I did.”  Zendaya’s fans love her for her self-assuredness, outspoken voice, and her ability to keep it real.

Making a Positive Difference with Fashion
Nomi Network

Nomi Network

Nomi Network is a non-profit development agency fighting human trafficking in India and Cambodia. Their mission is to create economic opportunities for survivors of, and women at risk for, human trafficking, by equipping them with leadership, entrepreneurship, and production skills to become financially independent and sustainable.

As if their work isn’t meaningful enough already, Earth Guardians is especially excited to learn about Nomi Network’s Traction Collection, made from upcycled tires by at-risk youth in Cambodia. Upcycled tires are known to be more durable and more environmentally sustainable than leather. The products in this collection also show the original grooves and markings of the tires, which allows something that was once thrown away, or considered useless, a second chance. This directly correlates with Nomi Network’s mission to give every woman they work with the tools and training they need to have a second chance of their own. Since tires are not biodegradable, turning them into new products, like the products in the Traction Collection, gives the women in their programs a chance to produce something unique and beautiful, as well as environmentally sustainable.  

We had the pleasure of speaking with Princy Prasad, Nomi Network’s Sales Manager, who shared, “From our adolescent girls’ programs to our money management courses, we want to equip our women to stand on their own. Nomi’s goal is for every person who purchases a product or supports our programs to hear our women saying, ‘Know me, know my story, know my success’. Not ‘because of you’ but ‘with your help’.

Earth Guardians celebrates Nomi Network and their continued work to elevate women’s entrepreneurship, with an added bonus of eco-fashion.

To make a purchase or a donation to help support this organization, please visit Nomi Network here, and check out the Traction Collection today!

Crew Spotlight

Brittney Chantele

This month, Earth Guardians is highlighting our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA Crew. This new Crew formed in December and hit the ground running. Its members have been organizing meetings to discuss social and environmental issues in their city, as well as how to plan action days to implement solutions. Pittsburgh Earth Day will kickoff April 18th as a city wide celebration of sustainability. The Pittsburgh Crew would like to ensure their position within this event as one that continues onward throughout the year, not just for one day. The Crew hopes to gain more members on Earth Day, as well!

The leader of the Pittsburgh Crew, Brittney Chantele, is a very passionate and artistic individual. She describes herself as a singer-songwriter, visual artist, poet, and activist, who uses her music and poetry to inspire people. With her Crew, she plans to help elevate the voices of the youth who are active in the environmental and social justice movements within the city. Check out her website here.

We would also like to recognize the work of two other Crews 

March 15th: Earth Guardians Boulder, Colorado USA Crew gave a presentation at The University of Colorado at Boulder titled, “Age Ain’t a Barrier: Earth Guardians Protecting Our Climate” which focused on history and the future of youth organizing, Our Children’s Trust lawsuits, and artistic action.


March 23rd: Earth Guardians University of Northern Colorado USA Crew participated in the Bella Romero Protest/Rally which was a protest against 24  purposed fracking wells within 1000 feet of an elementary school playground.

Remember to send your Crew’s stories to www.crews@earthguardians.org so we can feature you in next month’s Newsletter!

Earth Day April 22, 2018

Earth Guardians is making a call to action in your local communities to honor and protect Mother Earth on Earth Day.  Start planning a local campaign, celebration, or community event that suits the needs of your area. Have fun giving thanks for Mother Earth, while also educating the local community about what your Earth Guardians Crew is currently working on to caretake and protect the planet.  This is a great way to get more people involved in your campaigns and to join your Crew! Happy Earth Day to All!

50 Simple Ways to cut carbon

-Use reusable plates, silverware, napkins, tupperware, etc. (including when you get food to-go!)

-Compost leftover food, yard trimmings, and organic matter instead of throwing it in the trash.

Protect Our Earth
Click the link below to see how you and your community or Crew can get involved in our 2018 Spring time
Protect Our Future

How to get Involved
Start a Crew, get involved with Protect Our Future, or simply adopt actions from our 50 Simple Things list. Visit our website at earthguardians.org for more information.

We have been running this organization on a proverbial shoestring for a long time – we cannot grow this movement without you!  Thanks to a very generous donor, all gifts up to $50,000 will be matched, so you can double your impact by making a donation now. We at Earth Guardians are clear that assisting youth in their efforts to drive change, in their own wise ways, is the path to true transformation.  So, we are scaling our work dramatically, in order to support thousands of Earth Guardians, in more than 40 countries, and across the U.S.  We are working to keep up with the wave of young people, along with their families, and their teachers & schools, who are stepping up to lead, to carry us through the storm. Support Youth Activism!




Support Youth Climate Activism!

“We are a generation that is hungry to create and
uphold change.”

Youth across the world are stepping up to build the movement that will lead us all through the next phase of life on earth


Climate change & the environment, governance, and human rights are all being influenced by the generations who will soon be voting and replacing the status quo. 

Earth Guardians has been supporting the voice of youth for 25 years. Today, the wave of youth activism is surging, and we are determined to assure these leaders have the support they need.
Join our campaign and your dollars
will be matched 1:1 up to $55,000!

Please give what you can, today! Earth Guardians’ resilient, multi-generational movement – with youth at the forefront – is turning the tide on the environmental and climate crises – and it is growing stronger every day.  By empowering youth as leaders and amplifying their impact, we are moving ideas and people, around the globe, into a real shift toward transformation.

These youth can’t do it alone.
They need mentorship, resources, and support.
That is the work of Earth Guardians

and of all who support the earth and its guardians.
Join us!

Our mailing address is:

Earth Guardians

3980 Broadway
Suite 103-229

Boulder, CO 80304

Happy World Water Day!!

Today is a beautiful day – every March 22nd is World Water Day and we wanted to use this opportunity to share the impact water has on peoples’ lives around the world as well as some of the wonderful people working towards a healthier and happier future!

I think we all know that water is an incredibly precious resource – it is a life giver in so many ways. When we were in North Dakota, we saw how unifying the fight for clean water is among so many different groups of people. One thing we have learned in this movement is that when we fight for our water, we fight for each other. Thank you for joining us in this!

Water scarcity is a real and imminent threat – South Africa is facing a protracted three-year drought, leaving at least 1 million Cape Town homes facing “Day Zero”. When this day arrives, their taps will be turned off and there will no longer be access to running water.And water scarcity is felt the world over.

Our very beings rely on water and on a healthier world. Sometimes the state of the world and the destruction of the nature around us leaves us feelings helpless. Still, there are wonderful people doing working towards a brighter future.

Gravity Water in Nepal and Thailand

In August of 2015, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and subsequent aftershock that hit Nepal devastated much of the country’s infrastructure and killed thousands. Our friends at Gravity Water saw the need for a sustainable method of accessing clean water in remote areas. Combining rainwater harvesting, storage, and filtration, they worked with 5 communities in the Kathmandu District to build self-sustaining and energy-free systems in 2016. They’ve more recently expanded into Vietnam, partnering with Not Just Bamboo to complete 3 clean water systems in public schools and communities in the Northern Region of Vietnam. 

Ban Fracking in the Delaware River Basin!!

Here in the United States we see many communities struggling against pollution, fossil fuel extraction, and more threats to their water sources. Recently, the Delaware River Basin Commission proposed regulations banning fracking in the River Basin. Unfortunately, those regulations don’t protect ALL communities – they continue to allow for the exportation of water from the Basin to fracking elsewhere AND the importation of wastewater into the Basin for treatment. This is unacceptable – we cannot allow other communities to be harmed so we must tell the DRBC that we want ALL fracking banned from the Basin. 

Here’s where YOU can help!! The DRBC is now accepting public comments but they must be submitted by March 30th! Whether you are able to send a detailed comment or something shorter, please take a few minutes to submit your comments to the DRBC webform before March 30th!! 

If anyone has problems with the webform, please call Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS) at their office (845-252-6677) and they will help or fill it out for you.

Again, thank you for your fight, thank you for your strength, and thank you for joining us in this. Mni Wiconi! Water is Life!

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Cassidy and the AWAKE Team

Rick Berry Receives Outdoor Recreation Award

 Rick Berry Receives Outdoor Recreation Award

Bear Yuba Land Trust honors Rick Berry, Founder and Executive Director of 4 Elements Earth Education / Fox Walkers, with the “John Skinner Sierra Outdoor Recreation Award”.

The Award presentation will take place Thursday March 22nd, at this years Oak Tree Bash, a fundraiser for BYLT.

We hope you can join us in congratulating Rick !

It is an honor to be recognized for my work connecting youth with Nature. 4 Elements Earth Education and its signature children’s program “Fox Walkers,” could not happen without our amazing and skilled instructors and the families who have are committed to teaching their children love of the outdoors and respect for nature as a priority. 4EEE is very fortunate to have found a beautiful site at the Burton Homestead working in conjunction with BYLT and the Tsi-Akim Maidu Tribe. Our mission of guiding Families and Youth towards a pure connection with Nature is an invaluable service for our children and a way to give back to the land.. Thank you to this wonderful community and all that have supported our vision.

For more information about the Award Event view the BYLT article !

Thank you from the Crew at 4EEE!

View More Info Here



2018 Black Hills Unity Concert! Currently looking for volunteer team leads

Hello everyone!!

Just a note to let everyone know we are building teams and coordinating for Unity 2018 and beyond!! All of you have helped to get Unity to where we are today and my hope is to continue all of our work long in to the future.

We are currently looking for volunteer team leads as well as input on this year’s content.

Opportunities include (but aren’t limited to):
Assistance with fundraising expertise:
-has experience in fundraising
-is willing and capable of assisting with the organization of fundraising events (ex. smaller satellite concerts)
-can work with the existing grant writers to help coordinate all fundraising efforts

Workshop Coordinator:
-is earth conscious
-has knowledge of the importance of the cultural resurgence occurring with indigenous knowledge world-wide as well as Turtle Island.
-Is acquainted with the work happening in regards to cultural and environmental awareness.
-Ideally has some background with the education of others

Youth Volunteer Coordinator:
-someone with strong leadership skills who is passionate about giving the youth a platform, voice and direction.
-Able to help find appropriate volunteer roles for youth within the coordination of overall event
-Understands the challenges facing the youth of today
-Has connections with youth-led organizations

Transportation Coordinator:
-Reliable and fun-loving individual who can transport guests back and forth from the airport as well as on the event grounds
-Can build and organize a team to assist.
-Must have great organizational skills and a clean driving record
-Will work with production and green room in regards to performance schedules.

Guest Welcome Coordinator:
-creates a team to greet the general public at the gates
-has knowledge of the event set-up and offerings (ex. workshop schedule, concert schedule, camping areas) and can help inform guests
-keeps a general tally of numbers including:
  *number of campers vs. day trippers
  *number of concert attendees, etc.
-Assists the Hospitality team with regards to welcoming performers and honored guests.

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help with the operations of the event itself. If you feel a lead coordination role is not what you’re looking for but still want to contribute your time, please let us know!  There is always room for helpers 🙂

If you have any questions and/or are interested in joining Team Unity, feel encouraged to message me directly, message the Unity Concert Facebook page or respond to this email.

I’m excited to get to work with all of you!!

Liz Tiger
BHUC Hospitality Coordinator

On Facebook and Messenger as: Elizabeth Tiger
**ALSO** feel free to message the Black Hills Unity Concert Facebook page

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