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Aardvarks in Action! MBYarrow needs your support!!!

In the Land of the Aardvarks



Greetings from the Land of the Aardvarks! Our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign has just launched this morning, so into your busy inbox comes this list of
5 ways you can help us reach our fund-raising goal…(drumroll, please…)
#1 Contribute with a tax-deductible donation here
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#5 Share our posts, tweets, and your comments!

Our lives took separate paths but Peter Yarrow and I continue to have a loving relationship to this day. I am so grateful to Peter for his ongoing and unwavering support of the film. For our Indiegogo campaign he has arranged access to wonderful perks, including 50 Years of Peter, Paul, and Mary books and cds, a Peter Yarrowhand-painted guitar and more. There are a variety of other incentives with more added throughout the duration of the 30-day campaign so please check back often and support in any way you are able, and please know how much I appreciate YOU!

Team Aardvarks advanced last week when we filmed an interview with historian and journalist, Keith Burris, an expert on Gene McCarthy. Many thanks to him for sharing his time and his knowledge.

A quote from Keith:

“I have seen, in recent years, history books and documentaries in which the withdrawal of Lyndon Baines Johnson from the race for the presidency in 1968 is treated as an act of nature — as if the old guy just wanted to go home to Texas.

But some of us remember. And we had better write it down and hide it in an oak tree somewhere: Lyndon Johnson quit after Gene McCarthy stunned him in the New Hampshire primary and beat him in Wisconsin. LBJ returned to Texas like a wounded, half-mad Lear.”

 In the words of Gene McCarthy, “Carry on……”
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